Here’s what to expect for women’s sports in 2023

What a year it has been for women’s sports.

There are highs, like watching some great athletes reach the end of their careers. After bombshell investigations, such as the Yates Report, into allegations of frequent sexual and psychological abuse by coaches in the Women’s Soccer League, some institutions and leagues have come down with hard-hitting accounts of failing their athletes. . In between was everything.

But after a long 12 months, we did it. Almost.

This year was a big year for women’s sports in retrospect. Half a century ago, when we signed Title IX and celebrated the ban on gender discrimination in education, I spent much of the year reflecting on the past 50 years. We’ve talked quite a bit about the progress that’s been made since those 37 words became the law of the land, and we’ve had several reports from organizations like the Women’s Sports Foundation on how to move forward in the next 50 years.


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