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Heinz Family and Moonpig have teamed up to create an exclusive collection of cards for new parents and carers celebrating the ups, downs and the many “poonamis” of these first 12 months of parenthood. Launching this September, the exclusive card collection marks the month when most babies are born in the UK.

A first “smile” that is actually caught wind. Poonamis in public. Five hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep for the first time in months. Moments like this from a parent’s first year – whether cheerful, funny or unforgettable (sometimes for the wrong reasons) – inspired the Heinz family and Moonpig to create the exclusive collection of cards for new parents.

Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes funny, and always relatable, the cards feature seven Smilestones, all inspired by 1,000 real-world parents and carers who’ve been taking time out (possibly picking up off the floor to eat, wipe up pee, and pull up the millionth laundry load of the day) to share with the Heinz family their most memorable moments from their first year as parents.


  1. Nodding and smiling while receiving unwanted baby advice (45%)
  2. Five hours of uninterrupted sleep the first time (42%)
  3. The first public “poonami” (38%)
  4. Laughing and/or crying at the same time as your baby (37%)
  5. When your baby smiles for the first time but actually has gas (35%)
  6. Your baby puts something in his mouth that he shouldn’t (35%)
  7. Successful regurgitation of your baby after breastfeeding (34%)
  8. Your baby vomits near you (but not on you) (33%)
  9. Your baby refuses to eat the food he loved the previous week (33%)
  10. Finally figure out how to unfold the buggy for the first time (32%)
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The new range of cards includes seven unique designs, each depicting a fun, heartwarming or challenging parenting scenario or Smilestone. From your first “poonami” to food fights at dinner, each card showcases some of the real-life moments new parents can expect with their bundle of joy.

Further research looking into these first few months of parenthood found that the all-consuming new relationship with your baby can impact relationships with partners, your own parents, and friendships. Almost half of new parents and caregivers (47%) say their relationship with their partner has improved – perhaps helped by the fact that a third (33%) of new parents said they see their partner as a parent, initially gave them the most joy in the year of their baby’s life. However, more than two-fifths (45%) say it hasn’t been easy to maintain old friendships with those who don’t have children[3].

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Still, for new parents (72%), bonding with their baby gave them the most joy during their baby’s first year, while 71% said it was about watching their baby grow and develop new skills.

So when friends or family are celebrating the arrival of their first baby this September, give them a taste of what’s to come by sending them a special Smilestone card from Heinz Family and Moonpig.

Heinz Family Marketing Executive Manya Gupta commented: “Our very first collection of cards celebrates the messy reality of new parenthood and we know that many new parents and carers can relate to this because let’s face it there is no such thing as perfection. when it comes to new parenthood!

“We’re excited to be collaborating with Moonpig to launch the collection – the relatable and fun humor of their cards seemed a perfect fit to tell the story of first year parenting!” We hope our cards will bring joy to new parents and show them that they are not alone, we understand and that we are all pulling together.”

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Dale Boreham, Senior Cards Design Manager at Moonpig commented, “The Smilestones card range was a great opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on some of the more ‘real’ milestones of parenthood and gave us the opportunity to create a fun and relatable series to create maps.

We hope the Poonami card design or the Chundersaurus rex card will resonate with new parents while also sparking some fun memories for everyone who purchases the range.

Heinz Family and Moonpig are also inviting parents and carers to share their own Smilestone moments and three lucky people will win Heinz Family products and a £100 Moonpig voucher for a week. Head over to their Instagram pages to stay tuned from April 22nd tond September (until 29th September).

Heinz Family and Moonpig’s ‘Smilestones’ collection is here from April 22nd September 2022, just in time for all those new babies, parents and carers retailing at £3.49 each. For more information, please visit our blog here.

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