‘He feels irreparably broken’ – Twitter reacts Russell Wilson’s awful game, Broncos’ loss to Colts

It’s fitting that Richard Sherman sat at the analysts’ table for Amazon Prime, because no game in that series’ history fits his old “Thursday Night Poopfest” line better than what we’ve just seen.

The Denver Broncos lost to the Indianapolis Colts in a 12-9 overtime stinker, and basically any sane person could attribute much of that loss to Russell Wilson. He threw two game-changing interceptions within field goal range in the fourth quarter that gave Denver a 9-6 lead, and the second in particular was a real killer because a first down would have won the game. Instead, either Wilson or Nathaniel Hackett (or both) got greedy and attempted a touchdown and it backfired. Indy equalized 9-9 after the second interception, took the lead in overtime and reinforced in the red zone for the W. More on that later.

Both offenses were rancid, both quarterbacks looked washed out, and yet we all watched because a lot of us are football addicts who don’t know how to look the other way. you know it is bad when Broncos fans left at the end of regulation.

I think it’s fair to say that Russell Wilson got through in the clutch for the Seahawks again given the draft pick situation as part of the trade.

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There was plenty of in-game and post-game content on Twitter to keep us entertained as actual football left a stench that could be smelled around the world.

And yes, it’s not lost on many that KJ Hamler had at least one first down and probably a winning touchdown if Wilson ever bothered to look his way.

We’ll end this with a salute to a player and a tweeter for being prophetic. Presumably only one of them actually won money.

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