Geoffrey the Giraffe brings joy to Hong Kong children and a toy shopping spree at Toys”R”Us during World Tour visit

Hong Kong the first stop Asia before proceeding Singapore during the global campaign to unite children around the world

HONG KONG, September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Geoffrey the giraffe, the beloved mascot from Toys”R”Us landed in Hong Kong on 17th of Septemberth at his first stop Asia as part of Geoffrey’s World Tour. Before his arrival more than a hundred families about Hong Kong entered an online photo contest to meet Geoffrey and win an exciting toy shopping spree, one of the main events of his visit to Asia cosmopolitan city!

To enter, contestants were asked to submit a photo showing their happiest moment at Toys”R”Us, along with an explanation of what makes Toys”R”Us a special place for them. The winner of the shopping spree was a young family. The mother, Janet, submitted a photo of her daughter, who was about to enter her local Toys”R”Us store and was beaming with excitement.

In the photo caption, Janet describes the deep connection and long-term relationship people have with Toys”R”Us, beginning with “love at first sight” as a toddler, then wanting to “visit every day” as a young child, followed by entering the store as parents in their 30s, as grandparents in their 60s and finally in their 80s as you visit Toys”R”Us stores just to feel the excitement and hear the kids laugh.

“We were amazed by all the happy images and inspired by the creativity and imagination displayed in the photo descriptions of the children who entered the competition!” said Pamela Wang, Managing Director of Toys”R”Us Hong Kong. “They really showed how much kids and their parents enjoy their time at the Toys’R’Us stores across the street Hong Kong, whether they’re playing with toys, posing with their favorite cartoon characters, or enjoying family time! The experience children have at Toys”R”Us has helped us form a special bond with families, with magical moments here that capture a child’s imagination and create treasured memories for everyone when they visit.”

Janet’s son took part in the toy shopping spree 17th of Septemberth at Toys”R”Us’ MegaBox shop and gave him a minute to quickly get any toy he wanted. The lucky winner walked away with a bag full of Pokémon toys and some dolls for his younger sister!

Also, while on tour, Geoffrey was treated to a tour by one of the Hong Kong The most famous sights are the central pier with breathtaking views Hong Kong skyline and its busy port hosted by a local children’s ambassador.

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About Geoffrey’s world tour

Launched by Toys”R”US in June, Geoffrey’s World Tour is the company’s first global 360-degree marketing campaign. The campaign follows Geoffrey the giraffeTM as he embarked on a world tour starting at Toys”R”Us global flagship in the USA, followed by visits and activations in London, Madrid, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Dubai and markets in Asia.

Hosted by a local Toys”R”Us Children’s Ambassador, each stop on Geoffrey’s World Tour will feature in-store, e-commerce and social media activations, including a sweepstakes to win a consumer shopping spree. The campaign will culminate with the launch of a global YouTube series capturing each of Geoffrey’s visits to the Children’s Ambassador‘s perspectives. In the series, Geoffrey is seen with the ambassadors in her city as they share kid-friendly fun facts about their communities and experiences at the Toys”R”Us store event.

Geoffrey’s next stop: Singapore!

After an eventful trip to Hong Kong, Geoffrey now continues his world tour towards the Lion City!

A photo contest was recently held to celebrate Geoffrey’s arrival Singapore. Similar to Hong Kongparticipant Singapore uploaded a photo to show their happy moments at Toys”R”Us stores and provided a description of how our stores bring them magical moments and create precious memories.

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The winner of the competition will be announced in early October, as will a children’s ambassador Singapore Geoffrey will also be showing the famous spots around the city during his visit.

About Toys”R”Us Asia

For nearly 40 years, Toys”R”Us has been the trusted partner of families as the premier source for the best toys, games, sports equipment and learning materials for children and toddlers, as well as everything new parents need to care for and support their babies.

headquarters in Hong Kongthe company operates over 470 branches with more than 10,000 team members Asiaincluding bruneiMainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand – and licenses more than 85 stores in the philippines and Macao. Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us offer a carefully curated range of quality local and international brands, innovative and exclusive products, engaging loyalty programs and an interactive shopping experience that stimulates a child’s imagination and encourages learning at every stage of a child’s development child.

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