Gamevice FLEX For IPhone Mobile Gaming Controller 2022 REVIEW

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone


The Gamevice FLEX offers a secure and flexible controller accessory for iPhone users. The design is perfect and although the adapters can be a little difficult to install or remove, the controller is very easy to use. The price is higher than a standard wireless game controller, but it’s still worth the investment.

  • DESIGN 100%

  • EASE OF USE 90%

  • PRICE 90%

  • User ratings ( votes) 0%

Gamevice FLEX enhances the mobile gaming experience.

With the growing popularity of mobile versions of major game titles such as The call of duty or Fortnite, there has also been a growing demand for controllers that work in conjunction with mobile phones. I was lucky enough to be able to test several of these accessories, incl

Each type of controller has its own unique feel for gaming and if you prefer a certain console controller, you may favor one style over another. Personally, I prefer Xbox controllers, so I tend to lean towards the “made for Xbox” controllers. One of the newest entries in that group is the Gamvice FLEX, which is available for Android or iOS devices.

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone Mobile Gaming Controller

About Gamevice and FLEX

Gamevice was one of the original manufacturers of mobile gaming accessories. They entered the industry in 2012 as Wikipad and in 2014, Wikipad announced their new controller called “Gamevice”. It was a detachable controller with a classic D-pad, twin triggers, A, B, X and Y buttons and two analog sticks. In January 2017, a new Gamevice controller was released to work with the iPhone 7.

Gamevice is one of the leaders in the mobile gaming accessories industry and over the years they have really improved their designs. Through their efforts, Gamevice has literally transformed mobile devices into portable gaming platforms. Their latest release, the FLEX, takes the popular design of the Razer Kishi, which was designed through a collaboration between Gamevice and Razer, and modifies it to accommodate phone cases.

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone Mobile Gaming Controller

The Gamevice FLEX was officially launched at the end of October this year. It is designed specifically to work with your iPhone, with or without a case on him. This is a huge differentiator between the FLEX and almost every other mobile game controller on the market. Another great feature that FLEX offers is the ability to fold into a very compact package, rather than being a large rigid controller. Many mobile game controllers end up being roughly the same size on the Nintendo Switch. This can be quite inconvenient when you travel.

Main features

  • Use with or without a phone case
  • It comes complete with an adapter kit to ensure the phone fits perfectly into the FLEX
  • Low latency direct connection
  • Console level controls
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Direct charging via a Lightning connector
  • Collapses for portability and storage
  • Works with Remote Play (XBox, PlayStation or Steam Link)
  • Xbox Game Pass free trial included
  • The GameVice app gives users access to Xbox, GeForce NOW, Stadia, PlayStation, Luna and iOS games in one place

Prices and availability

The FLEX controller is available for purchase through or Amazon. List price is $109.95 for the iPhone version of the controller.

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone Mobile Gaming Controller

User experience

The controller comes in a thick retail box. There is a picture of the device on the front of the box in use along with the appropriate branding. Since the Gamevice FLEX is available for iPhone and Android mobile phones, there is a label (in both English and French) indicating that the controller is for iPhone. Another piece of branding in the box is from Xbox. This controller is designed to be used with Xbox content and is designed as an add-on to a traditional Xbox controller.

When you open the box, you will find a small piece of cardboard lying on top of the controller. There is a QR code printed on it labeled “Quick Start”. This QR code links to the Gamevice website and tutorials on how to install your phone on the controller. The back of the card has an illustrated guide for installation using the phone and case adapters.

Case adapters can be a bit confusing. When it comes down to it, it’s really a game of trial and error. Gamevice includes another card designed to help the user determine which adapters will work best with your phone and case. I have the Nomad Sport case on my iPhone 14 Pro so it was a little difficult to find a good fit. The case is on the thicker side and I found that it was sort of in between sizes on the card.

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone Mobile Gaming Controller

I found the appropriate adapters and snapped them into place. After that, I slid the iPhone into the Lightning port side and then stretched the opposite side of the FLEX controller around the top of the phone/case. In my case, the fit was secure, but there was still some room on either side of the phone since the FLEX is designed to be a universal suitable for all iPhone models. Although there was a bit of wiggle room, I had no problem with the phone sliding out of the controller.

I found the controller to be very responsive while playing. I tested it with a couple of games: Lego Star Wars and Call of Duty Mobile. The former is more action/adventure while COD Mobile is a first-person multiplayer combat game. Both mobile games are designed so that a player can use on-screen controls to maneuver the game, but I’ve found that adding a mobile controller, like the FLEX, really helps the experience.

Gamevice FLEX for iPhone Mobile Gaming Controller

The FLEX is remarkably similar to an Xbox controller, with many of the same features and design elements. Those who have used the Razer Kishi v1 before will find the FLEX very familiar, as the two controllers share many of the same features. The FLEX is designed with ergonomics in mind, and its comfortable grip and intuitive button and stick layout make it easy to use.

Since it connects to the iPhone via a Lightning connection, it lets you play your favorite games without any lag or stuttering. I would say that the FLEX is now my favorite mobile gaming accessory.


Overall, the FLEX is an excellent controller that offers a great gaming experience. I love that it folds up to be compact for travel and you don’t have to worry about charging it as it gets power from a direct Lightning connection to the iPhone. I have found that my gaming experiences are greatly improved by using the FLEX.

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