G20 Summit dos & don’ts for canine guard force: ‘Should not disturb aesthetic view’

They should not disturb the aesthetic view of the occasion. Their meal arrangements should be coordinated keeping in mind the odd hours of duty. And if they get sick, they shouldn’t be asked to check against sabotage.

These are the dos and don’ts for a key component of the country’s security profile ahead of next year’s G20 summit: the canine force. And they are part of the list drawn up by the Delhi Police, the nodal security agency for the program in the capital, during a recent meeting for the country’s paramilitary forces. Indian Express have learned.

“A large number of delegations from various countries and international organizations will be attending the G-20 Summit 2023, so ensuring proper AS checks and strict access control at hotels, airports, convention centers and fool-proof security arrangements are essential. will play an important role. ITPO Pragati Maidan. This should not be compromised at any cost,” said an officer present at the meeting.

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“Dogs used in the ASC (Anti-Sabotage Check) process should be effective enough to perform this type of sensitive work. If an animal is sick or unfit to perform anti-sabotage check duties, should not be detailed. It was also emphasized that the dog handlers should keep in mind that their animal should not disturb the aesthetic view of the occasion,” said a DCP, who lives in Delhi. He is posted in the security unit of the police.

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The meeting was attended by representatives of CPRF, ITBP, SPG, SSB, BSF and Special Frontier Force (SFF).

After their meeting, ITBP representatives confirmed that they would provide five dogs for security duty while BSF assured two dogs on its part. Others said they would go back after discussions with their senior officers, officials said.

In his presentation during the meeting, the DCP pointed out that “best trained” professional staff and best sniffer dogs should be deployed for ASC duty. “Participating technical teams should carry the latest gadgets/equipment while doing their work, and they should also get the latest gadgets. Also, keeping in mind the rainy season, to prevent the gadgets from water problems. Certain arrangements/safety measures should be taken as this will adversely affect the functioning of the gadgets,” the DCP said.

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Last month, BSF Director General Pankaj Kumar Singh had said, “We are promoting Indian breed dogs and our experts told us that they have found that Indian breed dogs have a lower error rate. While the percentage of foreign breed dogs is low, high


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