Fun2 Studio Brings Metaverse Entertainment and Taiwan Culture to the World through the Games

At KaraMeta, karaoke lovers can sing to their heart’s content in luxurious surroundings.

TAIPEI, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The latest virtual reality technologies have led to a complete transformation in the gaming industry. Today, players can explore a virtual world controlled by their body movement. Fun2 Studio, game developer and business partner of Microsoft at Taiwan, is set to redefine gaming with advanced technologies and innovative content. Their upcoming game, KaraMeta, will be the best demonstration of how VR technologies are enhancing the entertainment industry.

The growth potential of augmented reality and virtual reality in the global gaming market is undeniable. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global virtual reality gaming market is projected to grow from $7.92 billion in 2021 to $53.44 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 31.4% over the forecast period. Since virtual reality has acted as a game changer by improving the user experience, there is a growing number of startups entering the gaming space to create immersive 3D environments for players around the world.

Fun2 Studio, was founded in 2019 by some key members of the XPEC VR team. With a passion for the game, Ian Pan, the founder and CEO of Fun2 Studio, aims to make digital games more engaging with the latest immersive technology. “I’m looking forward to VR and AR applications that deliver unique experiences to players,” says Ian.

Unlike traditional games, which require players to be physically present in the same space, VR games encourage players to interact with each other over the Internet. KaraMeta creates immersive 3D environments for karaoke lovers. It allows users to socially interact with others in the metaverse like singing with their friends in the real world.

Immersive technologies are revolutionizing the way people play games. It allows game developers to create realistic images along with sounds and other sensations to provide a fantastic setting for players. Ian believes that the key elements that make a game successful come from innovative content.

For example, their other project, “Raid on Taihoku”, a survival adventure game set in World War II in Taiwan, is a great success to bring a board game to life on PC. Its PC version is out on Steam, and the VR version will be the next step. To design Raid on Taihoku, Fun2 Studio works with experts to gather in-depth information about its history Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. Through richly detailed game scenes and scenarios based on historical events of Raid on TaipeiRaid on Taihoku brings players back to Taiwan in 1945. “Fun2 Studio hopes to make more people aware of this forgotten history and remember the cruelty of war,” says Ian.

Due to the small market and limited capital in its gaming industry Taiwan, Fun2 Studio, should target the global market in the future. Recently, Ian returned from a business trip to the Tokyo Game Show. Embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of Japanese game developers, Fun2 Studio looks forward to creating a deeper connection with the Japanese game industry. In addition, Ian observed the gaming industry East Europe has been on the rise in recent years. He is excited to have more partners and competitors from different parts of the globe, esp Poland and The Czech Republic.

The advantage of starting a business in Taiwan is the high level of acceptance of different cultures and innovative technologies, emphasizes Ian. In addition to strong hardware manufacturing capabilities in Taiwan, policy support from the government has also provided a positive environment for XR startups. With strong software and hardware integration experience, Fun2 Studio, supported by the National Development Board, aims to be the leading independent content developer in the gaming industry. “We believe in creating a Taiwanese IP so that players from all over the world can discover its culture Taiwan through our games,” Ian expects.

SOURCE National Development Council


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