For Adams, vaccine mandate for NYC workers is about compliance, not science (opinion)

STATEN ISLAND, NY — The days of scientifically tracking COVID-19 are truly over in New York City.

If we’ve ever really followed science at all.

Mayor Eric Adams last Tuesday lifted the vaccination mandate for city private sector workers and public school students who participate in extracurricular activities such as sports or music.

Give the mayor credit for finally ending those mandates, even if the steps were long overdue.

But Adams pointlessly upheld the vaccination mandate for municipal employees.

When asked by reporters why the stricture persisted, the mayor said it was imperative that New York City “send the right message and lead by example” when it comes to immunizations and booster shots.

This is not a scientifically based decision. Didn’t Adams hear President Joe Biden say the pandemic was over? Oh right, the White House later dismissed the President’s comments.

Adams is in a box that Mayor Bill de Blasio put him in. It was de Blasio who demanded that all city employees be vaccinated or otherwise fired. Adams could have quit the mandate on his first day in office, but he declined. Now even more workers have been laid off.

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And for what? Because they refused to get a vaccination that was not part of their agreement when they started work.

It would have been so much wiser if the city had actively promoted vaccination rather than demanding 100 percent compliance under threat of termination.

That way, the city would have had time to see how the pandemic was really evolving and whether and how many vaccines would help stem the virus tide in the population.

But no. Not only did Adams stay in the box de Blasio put him in, but the mayor has now nailed the lid shut.

And now we know how the pandemic developed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that the US population has a high level of protection from COVIDD-19 thanks to vaccines, acquired immunity in those who have had the virus and have recovered, or both.

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That makes up about 95 percent of the population, the CDC said. The agency no longer distinguishes between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

In other words, a few thousand unvaccinated New York City council workers are not going to take us back to the bad old days of the pandemic.

But Adams still distinguishes between the vaxed and the unvaxxed. The refugees are allowed to keep their jobs. The Unvaxxed get the boot.

What science does Adams know that the CDC and the rest of the world don’t? Perhaps the same kind of junk science that former Gov. Andrew Cuomo demanded that we order food with our bar drinks. As if food could protect us from the virus.

By keeping the mandate, the city doesn’t have to take on the despicable task of hiring laid-off workers and figuring out how to compensate them for their lost wages.

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Throughout the pandemic, experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci said the guidance on the virus is constantly evolving. Because of this, the masking guide has changed over time. Do you remember?

But now we have a major development in the pandemic: There is strong protection against COVID-19 in the American population. We fought the beast, as Cuomo likes to call the virus. We have the upper hand.

But Adams still sticks to his mandate. Vaccination is no longer a medical necessity. It is now a social credit score. The vaccinated are good. The unvaccinated are bad.

During his Tuesday news conference, Adams said, “I don’t think anything dealing with COVID makes sense and there’s no logical way of — you can do it.”

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Mayor.

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