Florence Pugh And Olivia Wilde Reportedly Got Into A Screaming Match Filming Don’t Worry Darling, Starting Long-Rumored Feud

Following its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month don’t worry darling is now open to the general public. However, much of the press surrounded Olivia Wildes book smart The follow-up wasn’t about the actual content, it was about the drama that unfolded behind the scenes during production and the advertising campaign. Among other things, it was reported that Wilde and the leading actress Florence Pugh did not get along during this time don’t worry darling filmed, and now rumors are swirling that it was reportedly a screaming match that ignited their long-rumored feud.

To provide some context, don’t worry darling also stars former One Direction member Harry Styles, with this, my cop and his guest appearance as Starfox last November eternal marks his greatest forays into acting to date. But in addition to performance in don’t worry darlingOlivia Wilde has been dating Styles since January 2021, two months after Wilde’s split ted lassos Jason Sudeikis was announced to the public and when don’t worry darling was about three quarters of the way through the main photograph. An unnamed source said to have spent a lot of time on it don’t worry darling Set told Vulture that Florence Pugh was frustrated by Wilde and Styles’ frequent disappearances from set, but the “breaking point” occurred when the actress and director (who also plays Bunny in the 2022 film) got into a “screaming match.”

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