First-gen entrepreneurs are making healthcare accessible across ‘Bharat’

In 2014, before the era of virtual medical consultations, Shreyans Mehta found himself looking for a way to set up an online diagnosis without having to visit a hospital. Mehta’s father, a doctor himself, suffered from a slipped disc and was unable to attend to patients. It was no easy feat, but in the end, Mehta was able to use technology to get patients consultations. The incident made him think. And then the seed was sown for Aayu.

Mehta, along with his co-founders Nikhil Baheti and Saida Dhanavath, spent the next three years traveling through the country’s rural interiors – mapping 800 villages across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, to find a solution to bridge the gap. in health-tech across urban and rural India(Bharat). Their years of research showed that people in India’s villages often spend more than Rs 1,000 just to commute to see a doctor, and more than 92 percent of rural Indians suffer get life-saving drugs. It is not just a lack of medical facilities – India has one pharmacy for every 1,800 people – rather there is also a lack of health records among people.

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In 2017, MedCords was founded and the trio launched Aayu with a mission to bring top-tier healthcare to smaller cities, towns and villages. From creating health ID of patients to maintain medical records and connecting with 5,000+ specialist doctors online to setting up a network of local retail chemist shops, Aayu has become a one-stop answer on health care problems in the country.

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But these entrepreneurs decided to bypass discounting, and chose to focus on lifting the entire economy using holistic measures. To break the barriers of digital literacy and serve even those who are not tech-savvy or don’t have access to smartphones, the startup has empowered pharmacists to use their Aayu Chemist app to help people access services of holistic health care.

Nikhil Baheti, the Co-Founder of Aayu, said that providing a SAAS platform to chemists has helped them modernize and serve customers not only offline but also online. On this platform, chemists get their own website, posters to promote their shop online, a ledger to track their transactions, a place to add and maintain a secure database of customers, and even an e-clinic. These chemists can provide accessible, easy, and fast medical care to customers. Aayu is the go-to platform for modern healthcare services in nook and corner of Bharat.

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Determined to bridge the gap that Mehta first saw a few years ago, the Manipal Institute of Technology alumnus says, “Our motto is to add value to the existing ecosystem with technology and enable chemist shops to become torch bearers for healthcare delivery for Bharat.”

Saida Dhanavath, the Co-Founder of Aayu said, People trust and can connect with their local retail chemists for online healthcare. With the help of technology, we have provided a digital platform to chemists to serve their consumers. This reduces the need to travel for medical reasons, making healthcare available directly at consumers’ doorsteps.


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