Feeling safe in an unsafe world

For the past four years, the Thrive Counseling Center has sponsored Thrive Talks, a series offering a wide range of presentations focused on topics of interest to our community. This year is no exception. Our first conversation couldn’t be more timely. In the shadow of the recent Highland Park massacre, the numerous mass shootings across the country, and the hatred being displayed in Charlottesville, it remains for us as adults to explain such horrific events to our children. How can we explain to our children something that we cannot even understand?

September 29 at 7 p.m. in the Veterans Room at Oak Park Public Library, Main Branch (as well as streamed live on the Thrive Facebook page). dr Laura Vecchiola, expert on talking to children about traumatic events, presents, “Feeling Safe in an Uncertain World: How to Talk to Children and Adolescents about Traumatic World Events.”

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This talk provides information for parents, carers, educators, and anyone else who wants to learn how best to speak to children and young people about the frightening and traumatic events happening in the world around us.

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