‘Extras’ needed for Chamber of Commerce photo/video shoot

In their ongoing effort to boost tourism in the county, Habersham Chamber is launching another photo/video shoot and you could be a part of it! The Chamber is looking for volunteers and companies to serve as sets and “extras” during the week of shooting from Wednesday 28th September to Friday 30th September.

A film crew will visit locations throughout Habersham County to capture scenes of downtown people and lifestyle shots. You will also do some drone footage.

“As the crew moves from store to store, they take photos of ‘Extras’ in the background or take close-up photos of ‘Extras’ while shopping or having lunch with their group,” the chamber said in a press release.

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My mountain moment

The filming will be carried out by the h2O Creative Group as part of the My mountain moment/visit Habersham tourism video. The Visit Habersham campaign highlights the community’s wealth of local businesses, beautiful sights, adventure, relaxation and charming attractions to promote the whole of Habersham County to visitors wishing to travel to the area. Chamber President Mary Beth Horton says the upcoming photoshoot will build on the success of the marketing campaign.

“This is a sequel to the award-winning hype video ‘My Mountain Moment’ produced last year,” says Horton. “Following its success and social media reach, this photoshoot will showcase more of our small businesses, people and lifestyle.”

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The photos and videos will be used in marketing materials including the chamber’s website, advertisements, social media and magazines to name a few. Those willing to participate may meet at the general locations listed below at the designated times to serve as extras. Crews move quickly in and out of various shops and attractions, so keep an eye out for the film crews.

“We encourage you to look around, hang out, eat, and enjoy yourself while they take photos,” says Horton.

When? Where? As?

You do not have to register to attend, but the Chamber would appreciate it if you did. Contact [email protected] and let Horton know where and when you would like to volunteer. In the event of rain or inclement weather, she will notify those she has heard from and update the Habersham Chamber Facebook page if filming is postponed.

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The tentative shooting schedule is below. Contact the Chamber for specific times and places:

  • Wednesday, Sept. 28: 2-6pm Downtown Clarkesville (various locations)
  • Thursday, September 29: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Downtown Cornelia (various locations)
  • Friday, September 30: 8:00am – 12:00pm at various locations throughout the county
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