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Jessica and John Franz have Thanksgiving dinner with their daughters Amelia, 11, left; Molly, 8, back; and Quinn, 2, front, Thursday, November 26, 2020, in Olathe, Kan.

Picture this: It’s a Monday morning – you wake up to your alarm clock; Before you know it, your kids are running out the door to catch the bus. When they get home from school, it’s a marathon preparing dinner, doing their homework, and getting everyone ready for bed.

As you reflect on your day, did you feel like you had time to connect with your kids?

If this sounds all too familiar – you are not alone! Many parents try to connect with their children but are overwhelmed by the idea of ​​having to plan and execute large and/or complicated activities.

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Establishing and maintaining connections with your children can be simple, habitual, and easy.

Therapeutic recovery specialist Jasmine Townsend shared ideas on building and maintaining meaningful connections. She said: “The everyday things we do at home are so important and very helpful. They are important and there’s a reason they’re the simpler things – they don’t take as much time and effort to make happen.”

Children can thrive in environments that provide emotional and physical security, along with the assurance that the adults leading in their lives have confidence in their abilities and efforts.

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A simple way to build connections is to show consistent effort. Activities that seem repetitive but happen daily are the best opportunities to network. Dinner is every night – let your child decide what they want to eat and then prepare it together.

Every day when you get home or your child comes home from school, spend a few minutes talking about how the day went. Did you have fun with your friends at lunch? Did you run the mile in the PE class? Was your math test harder than expected? A key aspect of connection is consistency within a relationship.

In short, connections with your children can be built and strengthened through focused efforts, giving children opportunities to help plan activities and focusing on small available opportunities throughout the day.

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In our latest podcast episode, we were able to talk to Dr. Townsend on how to connect with your kids through family time. She shared tips, tricks, and ideas for building and maintaining meaningful connections!

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