Entrepreneurs Are Turning On, Tuning In, And Helping Us Dry Out This January

It’s that time of year again. The vacation. A time for family and friends. It’s time to connect and feel our love for each other. A time to experience the peace of reflection. There are holiday parties at work and in the neighborhood. People exchange gifts and let loose. And have a few drinks. Or, maybe more than a few.

Those of us who are Cali sober or sober sober can sometimes find this time of year difficult. There are boozy drinks everywhere and all the expectations that come with a gathering. Some had serious issues with alcohol addiction and others, like me, didn’t like the feeling in the body. Whatever your reasons, there is good news ahead. Dry January became a thing and temporarily stopping drinking for a month was all the rage in mainstream society.

As millennials enter early middle-age and Gen Z continues to shun alcohol, these older generations are demanding something different for their buzz. The Cali sane ones turn to weeds and mushrooms to get the job done. Others are opening alcohol-free watering holes with mocktails and entertainment flowing where booze used to be. Dry January is a natural innovation of this trend and, dare i say it, move?

The pandemic made more people drink because why not? Alcohol is always a drug of choice when times are scary or even boring. There is nothing cheaper and easier to get rid of pain or stimulate the senses than wine. Many people drank too much during the pandemic and felt it in their bodies. A tipping point happens sometimes and causes people to rethink their choices.

Those in states where cannabis is legal have turned to weed and it’s often more helpful than booze. This is particularly true of younger and older generations who have more of an impact on pop culture. They were making noise and the rest of us were listening. All these moments are grouped together in trends like Dry January and Sober October. Momentum is building, and as I’ve said before, Cali sober is the next million dollar industry.

Entrepreneurs are responding by putting together a plethora of spirits, mixers, bitters, and syrups that take the mocktail game to the mixologist level. Hop on the internet and it’s easy to find product after product that helps Dry January devotees swap out a non-alcoholic drink for a more familiar or fun drink. Companies like Wilfred’s Aperitifs, bonbuz, Optimist Botanicals, and Kin Euphorics have raised the bar and made great gifts to celebrate Dry January.

A self proclaimed “wild gal turned sober-curious,” bonbuz founder Fay Behbehani is a former head of marketing for a California-based brain tech company where she discovered her passion for bio-hacking and incremental gains for in mind and body. After co-founding Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka, Behbehani had an epiphany while on a meditation retreat in Northern California that alcohol no longer served him, and the drinking culture needed radical change. He created bonbuz, a functional spirit that aims to revive the spirits industry and what it means to drink together in the modern age.

“For a very long time, the only way to get a buzz was through alcohol, which metabolized the poison and made it difficult for the mind,” shares Behbehani. “By harnessing the power of adaptogens, and other active ingredients such as 5-HTP, bonbuz has amassed a large following of sober Cali enthusiasts who are ready to get rid of the negative effects of alcohol, while still releasing and getting in touch with their inner wildness. , creativity, and social connections.”

Meanwhile, other entrepreneurs are creating experiences especially for those who embrace this lifestyle. Meet Tamara Anderson, founder of an all sensory interactive cannabis event production company Culinary & Cannabis, covering all things cannabis with an emphasis on luxury self-care, health, wellness and beauty. “Dry January is embraced by the Cali sober set, and it’s proving to be the ultimate way to explore and celebrate self-care, self-love and self-improvement,” shares Anderson. “Creating boundaries and exploring alternative ways to decompress are always necessary, but especially after the holidays.”

A pastry chef, registered nurse, and MMJ patient herself who is slowly understanding the complex intersection of medical cannabis and traditional health care, Anderson’s focus helps educate people on the holistic uses of the plant by providing unique experiences for learning and education. “We have something for everyone looking to celebrate life with a focus on plants and wellness,” she added. From online modules and social media engagement, to in-person classes, culinary, and wellness spa functions, Anderson specializes in making people feel comfortable working with cannabis and its myriad wellness applications.

If Cali sober feels more in line with your goals and lifestyle, your Dry January will probably include some cannabis and psychedelics. While not exactly sane, Cali is sane is dry and offers many people a gateway out of addiction and into a more stable life. Cali sober is not for everyone and there are many people who may need to avoid all psychoactive substances. In the age of fentanyl, it’s more important than ever to look out for each other and recognize the addiction crisis around us. Alcohol is still the number-one killer, far surpassing opioids, and Dry January brings opportunities to rethink and practice healthier ways of being.

So if you find yourself overindulging this holiday season and are tired of being hungover and groggy, then giving Dry January a try might be something to consider. You will not be alone and you may discover a new relationship with alcohol afterwards. As you sip your mocktail and notice a few other people doing the same, it starts to feel more comfortable and accepted. You won’t feel awkward anymore because you’re part of this bigger thing called Dry January and now you’re with millions of others who are participating in a real effort to get healthier.

And that’s something we can raise our joints.


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