Empowering Her Team Of Real Estate Leaders To Make More Money Without Shame

Women are making more money than ever before, but there is still a gender pay gap and a general lack of financial literacy among women. Meet Bianca D’Alessio, an entrepreneur, real estate expert and star of Selling the Hamptons on Discovery+ who wants to help empower women financially.

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D’Alessio knows a thing or two about money management and empowering women in a male-saturated industry, not apologizing for making more money, and what it takes to be confident in sales. D’Alessio is an avid volunteer and advocate for women. She regularly facilitates workshops in New York on topics such as opening a bank account, establishing and using lines of credit responsibly, budgeting, and managing the grant process.

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D’Alessio has been in real estate all her life, but started selling less than a decade ago. After attending business school, traveling and supporting women’s leadership development, she took her love of working in teams and women’s empowerment and combined it with real estate.

D’Alessio has built a team of 30 agents and has become an outstanding broker while rapidly expanding her team. She credits her success to her team and believes it all comes down to training and mentoring. She knows that she and her team are stronger when they work together.

D’Alessio shares these tips for building a team focused on sales and profits:

1. Focuses sales on inspiration and collaboration

To build long-term relationships, it’s important to take the transactional aspect out of the sale. Relationships are what business is about, and a sale with a client can lead to more referrals later. It is important to be of service to your customer, to want to help them and not to focus on the sales transaction.

2. Invests in her business by investing in her team

When you lead a team, you need to understand what motivates them to sell. If you can get each team member’s “why” out of them, you can motivate and inspire them differently. To empower your team to make more money, you need to understand people’s motivations and lifestyles.

3. Empowers the team to make more money

With this knowledge of why they do their jobs, it’s important to keep your team motivated and inspired. When you reach out to them, let them share their goals, cheer them on, and truly invest in your team’s success, you will be financially rewarded. Keep the team motivated and focused.

4. Discusses the money goals with the team each quarter

Understanding your financials as a leader is essential, but it should also be necessary for every team member. Quarterly money check-ins with the team isn’t just about making sure the group is on track, but each individual works at their craft and sees that translate into dollars and reinvest in themselves.

5. Believe in yourself

Although many sellers are motivated by money, instilling belief in yourself will go much further than just money motivation. Setting goals that are important to them and improving on those goals year after year leads to more positive outcomes.

The bottom line is that in real estate you need to be prepared for market changes and fluctuations and building a financially successful team will not happen overnight. D’Alessio understands the importance of portfolio diversification and protecting your financial assets and shares this information with her team and through volunteer work.

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