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NEW YORK, Dec. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The world is going digital, and walking with it is the only way forward. Given this, technological advances have transformed social interactions to ensure that there are no communication gaps.

Elevator Flings is one of the upcoming seamless mobile apps poised to revolutionize online social interactions. As the name suggests, its goal is to find people who are looking for a “love” for a chance to socialize. The platform allows them to create their own social event from the comfort of their home and invite others to join. Alternatively, they can also follow social events happening in their vicinity.

Unlike any typical social app, Elevator Flings is designed in such a way that it can cater to users’ needs and wants depending on their socializing preference. Customizable profile settings themselves allow for a smooth user experience.

Driven by a primary goal of enabling offline interactions, Elevator Flings connects people with similar interests who want to date or date.

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Among hundreds of dating apps in the mobile app market, targeting a specific subsector of the matchmaking socializing industry, this app offers an integrated socializing solution for the user’s networking needs. For reference, Tinder and Bumble take aim at the dating industry, while Elevator Flings is expected to introduce hookup culture in an affirmative way to discredit its shady connotations.

Likewise, it offers a platform to explore the networks around you; it’s time to find out who’s in your building.

For this, Elevator Flings is integrated with robust features that allow users to know what the people around them are doing. For starters, two types of maps are built into the app. The first is the Heat Map, which shows where the most activity is taking place nearby. The map visualizes the events on the home screen and presents them interactively. The second is the 3D Map, which provides an immersive experience to the app users with attractive graphics.

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The app is set to introduce a distinctive Knock feature to ensure privacy is not invaded. With this feature, people interested in joining an upcoming event will have to “knock” before entering. This means they will need to ask permission from the event creator before taking action. Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to put your Knock-Knock puns to the test?

Additionally, the app is powered by the Events and Groups feature, which allows users to create a group or event from a wide range of predefined category sections. Whether the user wants to throw a party, meet a group of people to hang out with, or simply interact with a person to discuss topics of interest, this feature will serve their needs effectively.

Elevator Flings considers offering an affordable subscription model to its users.

Basic (Free)
Silver ($12 per month)
Platinum ($20 per month)

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Innovations for this trend-setting app won’t stop anytime soon. Elevator Flings plans to introduce emerging technologies into its app to change the dynamics of the dating app industry forever. It is only a matter of time before the revolution begins. Make sure you are there to witness it.

About The Creator

The visionary behind Elevator Flings is Nikolaos Travlos, who has decades of experience as an entrepreneur. After venturing into different corporate industries over the years, Travlos came up with the idea for the app and is ready to actualize his potentially game-changing vision to revolutionize the dating and networking industry.

To learn more about the launch of Elevator Flings and what else the app has to offer, visit https://elevatorflings.com.

Contact information:
Roger Smith
Head of Marketing
[email protected]

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