Daughter runs through parents’ marriage, divorce and remarriage drama in hilarious TikTok

Credit: Chelseaperry516/TikTok

Credit: Chelseaperry516/TikTok

TikToker Chelsea Perry (@chelseaperry515) shared the outrageous story of how her parents married, divorced and remarried three times.

Perry is a TikToker whose parents had a pretty tumultuous relationship growing up. In a recent video that has racked up more than 1.8 million views, Perry shared the story of how her parents married, divorced, and remarried multiple times during her childhood.

“Parents getting married as a teenager, have my brother,” Perry writes in a caption at the beginning of the video, as she raises her arms in the air and begins to dance onscreen.

“[They] divorced two years later,” she continues, pressing her palms together over her head as if in prayer. “[They] marry other people. Have my other siblings.”

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Then a surprised look crosses Perry’s face. A twist is coming!

“Every one of them is getting divorced from these other people,” she writes. “[They] marry each other again. [They] have me.”

Perry starts dancing again, although now she seems slightly worried. While Perry’s parents’ remarriage seems like a fitting ending to the story, her face seems to hint at more twists and turns to come.

“They divorced again when I was 11,” writes Perry. “Each of them marries other people.”

But the story is not over yet! After dancing for another moment, the saga continues.

“Each of them will be divorced from these other people. Both are single after 8 years,” Perry writes. “[They] Start seeing each other again.”

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Perry starts rubbing her forehead, looking frustrated and exhausted. The video ends with the final twist of the story: “[They] are remarrying for the third time in two weeks,” concludes Perry.

“Hope they make it this time”

Chelsea’s Story Made TikTokers’ Jaws Drop!

“Damn I couldn’t afford a wedding and they had 5?!” wrote one TikToker.

“That first love is hard to leave. Hopefully they make it this time,” commented another viewer.

“Did they invite their divorce lawyers?” joked another TikToker.

In a follow-up video, Perry shared emotional footage from her parents’ third marriage, and they both look like they couldn’t be happier.

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