Daejeon O-World, a fantasy world revived with cutting-edge science and technology that pioneered VR for the first time in the Republic of Korea

DAEJEON, South Korea, September 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — O-World, a theme park in Daejeon, South Korea, has just built “Night Universe” using cutting-edge digital lighting, and presents a science theme park that blends science with the urban identity of Daejeon. It is a media arts and content theme park that uses the latest in digital media technology to offer a range of attractions and entertainment by establishing a distinctive nighttime viewing area.

To create a mesmerizing night view, the “Land of Flowers” uses state-of-the-art lighting such as LEDs and unique storytelling. In addition, “Night Universe”, a theme park using O-World digital communication technology, is a unique facility among Korean theme parks that offers various services with advanced communication technology, such as Korea’s first VR safari experience, metaverse VR healing service and AR stamp tour.

Created in nature, the existing Daejeon O-World is a theme park where the whole family can enjoy the combination of Zooland + Flowerland + land of joy‘. Consisting of three theme parks, it aims to provide tourists with more efficient, experiential activities. Each new themed garden, with a floral and water theme, is complemented by a landscape where visitors can experience a beautiful celebration of light that delights the five senses.

In the O-World there are basic information desks, toilets and restaurant corners where visitors can have a good rest and enjoy a variety of meals. It offers visitors the pleasure and convenience of newborn stroller rentals, grooming/diaper changing facilities, lost and found accommodation, pet storage, luggage storage and medical disability services.

Joy Land features 19 different types of rides including roller coaster rides, family rides, kids rides and special adventures, as well as a toboggan hill for all seasons. Bird Land is a place to experience and see unique birds and parrots, while Flower Land features 26 themed amenities, including a sheltered plaza and open-air theater.

A time of healing in nature is provided by the Sound Garden, where visitors can see and hear the vibrations and sounds of flowers and branches created by the power of the wind as they walk through the garden. In the “land of flowers” there are rest areas such as waterfront terraces and viewing platforms where visitors can enjoy comfortable leisure time and a pleasant view.


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