Customers Know Best Quest Guide

Completing the Customers Know Best Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires players to deliver a certain type of furniture for Scrooge.

Customers Know Best” is a Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley which will be available once players reach Level 2 with the Valley’s local businessman, Scrooge McDuck. Naturally, Scrooge is not known for his generosity, but he is a top-tier businessman and works hard to ensure that his customers are given the best treatment. Also, during the “Customers Know Best“Scrooge McDuck wants the player protagonist to deliver the perfect piece of furniture for the wizard of the Valley, Merlin. Just any simple piece of furniture won’t do; Scrooge aims to get Merlin the perfect piece of furniture for the magician’s study tower that matches the wizard’s favorite color – blue.


Accordingly, to complete the “Customers Know Best“Enter the Friendship Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley, players must deliver a blue tool of any kind to Merlin the wizard. If users plan to buy Merlin something from Scrooge McDuck’s village store, they don’t have to worry about spending their hard-earned Star Coins. After players accept the quest, Scrooge will give them Merlin’s down payment of 2,000 Star Coins. This should be more than enough to cover any blue furniture inside the store.

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Getting Blue Furniture for Merlin in Dreamlight Valley

Providing Merlin Blue Furniture While Customers Know Best Quest at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Based on gameplay by YouTuber Mirraj Gaming, players can purchase the Ice Throne from Scrooge McDuck’s shop for 210 Star Coins and deliver it to Merlin to fulfill “Customers Know Best“coming in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, assume that this item is not available at the time users accept the Friendship Quest. In that case, they could either buy any piece of blue furniture for Merlin’s study or wait for the daily rotation to feature the Ice Throne.

Naturally, tools with “blue” in their name will undoubtedly complete the search. These Dreamlight Valley Furniture includes Blue Dining Chair, Blue Dining Table, Blue Retro Portable Radio, and Blue Light High Beach Torch.

As mentioned in Ice Throne, tools that don’t have “blue” in their names but are blue in color are still eligible for “Customers Know Best“The quest is over Disney Dreamlight Valley. Moreover, furniture does not have to be something that is sold in Scrooge’s store. Players can craft the blue furniture and deliver it to Merlin for the same result.

After the wizard receives his new piece of blue furniture, players must return to Scrooge McDuck and report the success of the delivery. Scrooge should be in his shop if fans are completing the quest after accepting it. However, if users are having trouble finding him, opening the map will reveal Scrooge’s location via his portrait icon.

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Source: YouTube/Mirraj Gaming

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