Cokin Nuances Extreme Neutral Density ND1024 filter review

Cokin is a well known filter manufacturer dating back to the 1970’s but has a reputation for being the choice of amateurs rather than professionals. However, the Nuances Extreme Neutral Density filters have some high-end features that broaden their appeal. For example, they are made of durable mineral glass and can withstand a drop or two. A new coating process also ensures they have an even density and a nano metal alloy coating is used to ensure there is no color cast.

Cokin makes the Nuances Extreme Neutral Density Filters in three sizes, L (Z-Pro Series), M (P-Series), and XL (X-Pro Series). I tested the medium-sized L-size filter, also known as the Z-Pro series size. These filters measure 100 x 100 x 2mm and are designed to work with the 100mm filters and holders made by several brands.

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