Check Out These 10 Perfect Babymoon Destinations

Got a bun in the oven? Before the parenting chaos begins, a babymoon is a great way to cherish this special time between couple life and parenthood. It’s also the time when mom might be hungrier than usual, so a hotel breakfast buffet (or several) is a good idea. Adventurous parents-to-be can make the most of their final days before childbirth by hiding out on one last adventure and checking off another experience on the wish list. Expectant parents on the go should check out these ten special babymoon travel destinations.

10 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Romantic restaurants tucked away on rocky cliffs overlooking the Adriatic Sea and thousands of years of history and culture are just a few reasons why Dubrovnik, Croatia is an ideal babymoon destination. The old stone town is amazingly well preserved and glows with warm light after dark. It’s also the perfect backdrop for a babymoon photoshoot. There is no shortage of wonderful accommodations here, allowing travelers to relax in complete comfort.

9 The island of Jamaica

Beautiful crystal blue waters and soft white sand are a must for some babymooners, and that’s exactly what travelers can find on this island paradise. Ideal for adventurers looking to relax in luxury and comfort, this destination offers a dreamy respite from everyday life – and assembling cribs and toys. Choosing the right accommodation is crucial here, as most travelers spend the majority of their time enjoying the amenities and endless views. Babymoon parents can use the beach as the perfect spot for a photo shoot.

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8th Paris, France

While an urban babymoon might be a bit unorthodox, exceptions can always be made for Paris. In addition, the delightful range of art, shopping, strolling and dining for the city traveler is hard to beat. Visitors can book into truly opulent accommodation to enjoy the grand interiors at the end of a leisurely day of cafes, spas and romantic meals. Modern indulgence destination can hardly be compared to any other destination and visitors should have their last hurrah before them.”pamper” takes on a completely different meaning.

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7 Florence, Italy

For food and romance, Florence is an excellent choice for a babymoon. In the city there are small and charming as well as large and luxurious accommodations. In addition, quick trips into the idyllic countryside are just a short drive or train ride away. In Tuscany, nocturnal castle visits are a must, where travelers can stroll ancient stone streets and admire walled towns while enjoying the dizzying diversity of the authentic Ice – the perfect answer to late-night ice cream cravings.

6 Canary Islands, Spain

Travelers in search of raw natural beauty and cozy accommodations to relax in after a day of sightseeing will find their Tenerife retreat in the Islas Canarias. Taking a base from Santa Cruz de Tenerife and island hopping is the best way to experience the islands. The island’s distinctive geological features and the warmth of the islanders add to the magic of every babymoon. Locals enjoy a delicious late-night Spanish meal, and expectant parents are welcome to stay up late to savor the local flavors. It hits 2am feedings.

5 Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto, Japan is the perfect place to seek rest, relaxation and culture. Just a short train ride from Tokyo, this historic city was once the capital of Imperial Japan until 1869. Today, the Gion district features traditional-style wooden houses and shops, and brightly dressed geishas in clogs walk the winding streets. Babymooners looking for a unique cultural experience and plenty of candid photo opportunities will find a memorable stay in Kyoto. Accommodations range from minimalist and traditional to opulent — and everything in between.

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4 Chiang Mai, Thailand

While many holidaymakers seek out the southern Thai beaches, northern Thailand has a charm and grace that is more than worth the trip. The relaxed atmosphere and smiling locals will put travelers at ease immediately. This is an ideal babymoon for travelers seeking tranquility and traditional relaxation techniques. Curious travelers should enjoy foot massages, herbal baths, facials, surprise meals and pregnancy pamper packages at the city’s many excellent, professional spas. An evening stroll through the walled old town is a must, as is the misty view of Doi Suthep, the local mountain. In addition, expectant parents can wake up like a fairy tale and fall asleep comfortably in the wonderful accommodations in the area.

3 Cancun, Mexico

Beach life and a relaxed atmosphere never go out of style. Visitors can take a break from all the parenting preparations to settle into the slow pace of life in Cancun, Mexico. Here the choice of stay is most important. Lazy mornings watching the sun rise over the sea and leisurely evenings embraced by the sea breeze are within easy reach with the right accommodation. Extend the dream a little with a relaxed and colorful stay. Of course, local cuisine is a big part of the experience, and authentic Yucatán dishes are perfect for satisfying all cravings, with options for picky and adventurous eaters alike.

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2 Lake Victoria, East Africa

Staying by the lake has its own charm, but Lake Victoria really is something special. The largest tropical lake and second largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Victoria borders three countries and offers unforgettable sunsets, fresh sea catches and breathtaking views. The locals who live by the lake are warm and hospitable, making a stay on either side of the lake a truly homey and memorable experience. Babymooners can also enjoy stunning lake views for photoshoots and romantic room service breakfasts. Staying in the right spot on the lake means complete and easy access to everything it has to offer.

1 Cliffs of Scotland

A simple and intimate getaway is always a good idea for a babymoon. Scotland boasts some of the most beautiful and dramatic cliffs in the world, and visitors and locals alike enjoy spending hours exploring them every day. Visitors can cliff walk like a local and enjoy a delicious, private picnic in nature. The quaint towns surrounding the main cliff-walking destinations are a wonderful source of discovery and fun, with quaint shops lining the picture-perfect streets. Travelers only need to select the cliffs to see and find the right accommodation to make the most of every babymoon in Scotland.

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