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Weekends are all time low. After a week full of work to meet deadlines, everyone needs a breather to rest and recuperate. From watching favorite web series to planning vacations, weekends are designated as family and me time. Vivek Anand Oberoi, Co-Founder, Impresario Global, talks to Brandwagon Online about his weekends, favorite holiday destinations and more.

What do you like to do when not working?

I like to travel. So when I’m not working, I love exploring new destinations. My wife also has travel problem. We go from exploring new places and cultures to crazy crowds to pure solitude in beautiful places where nature overwhelms you. It’s the whole spectrum – from immersing yourself among people and getting a slice of different cultures to being in complete awe of Mother Earth.

How do you spend your weekends?

Weekends are like family time for me. I don’t really like working on weekends and even if I’m shooting, I try to take at least one day off on the weekend to just be with my family. I really enjoy starting my weekends in the kitchen putting together breakfast for the kids. And more importantly, serving my wife her cup of coffee in bed just to see that precious waking smile. It’s a totally depressing workout to spend time with your family. It could simply mean hanging out with the kids, playing a few board games, jamming to your favorite tunes together, or cuddling up for an evening movie. Just the thought of the weekend makes me smile because of how precious these moments are to me.

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What are your favorite gadgets?

I’m a big gizmo freak! I love technology and what it can do. I have my own plethora of gadgets. I think I was probably one of the first few people to buy a small plasma lighter to light candles instead of a regular match or butane lighter because I just fell in love with the technology when I discovered it on Kickstarter. What did

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But my favorite so far has to be the PlayStation 5 because I can share it with my son. The amount of fun we have together makes it one of my treasured gadgets.

If given the option to choose another career, what would it be?

I already have multiple careers apart from acting, producing and creating content. I wear more than one hat, not many people are aware of that. I am a start-up entrepreneur, I professionally invest in large funds and serve as a consultant on these platforms, I am an academic at large with my university in Gujarat, the list goes on. Is.
I am quite satisfied with the various career paths I have chosen.

A TV show, a movie, and an ad campaign that you highly recommend watching.

TV Show – Ted Lasso on Apple TV. This is a recent show I watched and it made me smile. It made me believe in the goodness and humanity of people because it’s one of those shows with no drama that makes you kick back and just love that sunny positivity. Movie – Kantara blew my mind. What Rishabh Shetty has managed to achieve by tying together an integral aspect of Indian culture in such an interesting way is truly remarkable! An ad campaign – My dad actually did a Diwali ad campaign for Vivo and it really brought tears to my eyes because of how touching it is and I guess because my dad played a role in it. paid But the story of a father-son with a grandchild that transcends the traditional relationship – truly tugs at one’s heartstrings.

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