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We saw the attempts in gathering all the cards (credit, debit, loyalty, etc.) in one before, but Card Blanch claims to have a new perspective on the concept and closed only half a million worth of angel investments with a very elegant deck . The company gets some parts of the slide deck right that we rarely see done, so that’s refreshing. Let’s dive right in!

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Slides in this deck

The Card Blanch deck consists of just 12 slides, and the team tells us it’s pitch-perfect with no redactions.

  1. Cover slide
  2. Problem slide
  3. Market size slide
  4. Solution slide
  5. Product slide
  6. “How it works” slide
  7. Competition slide
  8. Revenue model slide
  9. Sliding market opportunity
  10. “Next steps” — the ask slide
  11. “Your entire wallet on one card” — value prop slide
  12. “Complete spend analysis in one place”— summary slide
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Three things to love

The graphic designers at Card Blanch deserve a raise; this is one of the best designed decks i’ve seen in a hot minute. Let’s take a look at the highlights:

Well, that’s a big enough market

[Slide 3] Of course there is a large market size… Photo Credits: Card Blanc

I don’t think anyone would argue against the number of cards in circulation and use in the US, and perhaps I’d like to see more of a “what market are we going after?” kind of strategy, but as far as market size slides, it’s hard to argue.

Store cards, loyalty cards, credit cards — they all have different advantages (otherwise, the average American doesn’t carry six cards at all times). I love how this slide presents the data simply and cleanly. And the “text flowing behind the person” design is a really nice touch.

If your market is big and obvious, you can get away with a market slide like this. One thing, however: This is likely a very mature and somewhat plateaued market. I doubt there is many more growth is available in this industry. That means that to really get noticed, you need to offer massive customer benefits. Can Card Blanch do that?

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Awesome “ask” slide

[Slide 10] This is a good “ask” slide. In fact, it’s so good that we’ve added it to our article dedicated to that very slide. Photo Credits: Card Blanc

OK, so it’s not a complete slam dunk as an “ask” slide, but at least it has a certain amount of money being raised, and it has some goals to deliver on the next phase of the company’s existence.

I wanted the slide to use SMART — specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based — goals. This list is great, but none of the milestones are particularly measurable (product development will never be finished; go-to-market will never be complete; “aggressive” means nothing without numbers attached, etc.) or there are specific deadlines attached. However — I rarely see slides this good, so I thought I’d celebrate.

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So easy to understand

[Slide 11] Really good product-driven storytelling. Photo Credits: Card Blanc

If your prospective investors are going through your deck to see if you’re trying to scam them, that’s not a good first impression.

What Card Blanch really masters is its storytelling through design mockups. The whole story of how the product works — paying with the right card in the right place to maximize card benefits — fits into four elegant screenshots. (Slide 12 includes the rest.)

It’s a great storytelling device because the founders can provide a voice-over of how it works. Or so mood work?

That’s one odd thing about this pitch deck: Nowhere on the deck does it say how much was actually done and how much was mock-ups and great ideas. That’s not unusual in the pre-seed/angel stage pitch deck, to be clear, but in a world where investors are trying to ascertain how much risk the startup is taking, including an update about what’s been done in now will help.

In the rest of this teardown, we’ll look at three things that Card Blanch could have improved or done differently, along with its entire pitch deck!


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