Brent Leatherwood says he ‘loves’ Bodie

Bodie Kuljian performs on the 22nd season of NBC’s “The Voice” in a video posted online on November 28, 2022. |

‘The Voice’ winner Brent Leatherwood shared his love for fan favorite Bodie after fans chanted the latter’s name during the season finale, stressing that he too would be rooting for his teammate.

Leatherwood, who won Season 22 of the popular singing competition, shared how he felt about the huge show of support Bodie received throughout the season in a recent interview with CinemaBlend.

“I think everybody out here has a lot of fans and Bodie probably had two more than me out there in the crowd, you know,” he said. “Hey, that’s cool. I love Bodie and who can blame them? If I was in the crowd, I’d be cheering for Bondy too. It’s just a blessing, man. There are so many amazing artists in this season and I’m glad I can represent them all as a winner. I’m very proud to say that.”

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Bondy, a Southern California native who runs a media company with his wife and serves as the “music coach” for a local Christian university’s worship team, has been a fan favorite throughout the show’s final season.

In the season finale, the father of three sang a rendition of Brandon Lake’s “Gratitude” that moved the judges to tears. After the show, a high percentage of Gold Derby fans polled said Bodie should have won.

But for his part, Bodie said “second place isn’t so bad,” adding: “I’m so excited to finally be free and make music and do the things I want to do. You’re going to see some of the coolest things I’ve ever done happen this year.”

An outspoken Christian, the 29-year-old artist uses his platform to encourage those struggling with depression – something he has openly said he struggles with himself.

In December, the artist said he “broke” depression after connecting with God. He revealed that his song, “Happy Now,” was born out of this experience.

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“I’m sick of seeing songs on pop-up radio that romanticize the idea of ​​depression, romanticize the idea of ​​let’s be sad together. I guess I paid more attention after that or noticed the rising suicide rate among young adults. It just started pissing me off in a way that I can’t really explain,” he said in a Dec. 7 video.

Bondi described his ‘breakup’ with depression as a ‘regular breakup’.

“I understand that it’s not just an easy switch that turns on or off,” he said. “Just like a normal breakup, it’s painful and takes time to heal. Maybe your journey isn’t exactly like mine, but for me, it wasn’t until I connected with God and realized where true joy and true freedom come from.”

The artist said he wrote “Happy Now” after he “personally decided” to “take a stand and part with these things in my life and part with the world that affects me negatively and say, ‘You know what, I’m asking too much. more than my circumstances. I am called to much more than I could feel in this moment of pain.”

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In 2020, he reflected on “hearing God’s voice” amid his struggles with mental health.

“It’s been a time of overwork and oversleeping to take care of my family, but as I lean more into what God has to say, the more I discover… the more I learn… the more I receive,” she said. was writing at the time. “If you are in a time of fear, anxiety, hopelessness or loneliness, there is abundant hope and fulfillment. hit your boyfriend, let’s talk.”

And following his departure from The Voice, Bodie has been teasing new music on social media: “I’m blown away by the love and support you’ve shown me through this process. If you liked what I did on the show, wait till you see /you hear what I have planned,” he wrote on December 14.

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