Book on Political Entrepreneurship and Exponential Government Innovation Published Nov. 1 on

New Avenues for Government Change Revealed in Book on Political Entrepreneurship and Using Exponential Government Innovation

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2022 / — Bold new approaches to government change that transcend particular political parties are desperately needed in a rapidly changing world and a often toxic political environment. But how can government address public policy challenges in a holistic, sustainable manner, and generate sufficient citizen engagement?

What new strategies and innovation strategies can government reasonably adapt from the worlds of business and technology? What possible new forms of government might emerge in the next 10-20 years?

“Reinventing Government through Political Entrepreneurship and Exponential Innovation,” published on Nov. 1 on, offers answers to these questions, and above all, hopes for more responsive, collaborative, and visionary government and public policy. The book, written by futurist Michael Mascioni, maintains that political entrepreneurship has emerged as an important driver of political innovation, and has the ability to accelerate government change in new ways. It describes the rise of political entrepreneurs from different countries and parties, such as French President Emmanuel Macron and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, and the emergence of political entrepreneurs from outside government through platforms such as blogs, meetups, and a new breed of nonpartisan political networking. groups.

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As this book shows, mainstream experimentation in government and public policy will not only come from conventional actors, but also from alternative agents of change such as experimental research and design groups within and out of government as the (Boston) Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics and Dark Matter Labs, “entrepreneurs of democracy,” and virtual nations. This book highlights the important role that nonpartisan think tanks and policy organizations such as No Labels and Third Way play in engineering and supporting public policy change and enabling greater citizen participation in public policy. Government is becoming “multiplatform” and fluid in nature, and digital government is expanding in scope. Crowdsourcing, gamification, rapid experimentation, and other innovation strategies open and will open opportunities for new public policy solutions and better collaboration between citizens and governments. Innovation in government is becoming more holistic, spanning a wider range of agencies, and taking into account elements such as social change, well-being, and sustainability.

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The book examines the impact that exponential technologies such as AI, VR, and robotics have and will have on government and public policy. In addition, the book looks at the future of government, including prospects for virtual nations, next-generation city states, and nations in space.

Michael Mascioni is a writer, futurist, and conference producer focused on digital media, technology, and innovation. He writes freelance for publications such as Innovation & Tech Today, Inter Park, and Hotelier. Mr. Mascioni is co-author of “The Out-of-Home Immersive Entertainment Frontier,” and author of a chapter on the future of ambient interactivity in public spaces for “FutureScapes- the Future of Business.”

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