Best iPhone 14 cases of 2022

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Posted on December 9, 2022 5:00 p.m

So you got yourself a fancy new iPhone 14. While you’re busy tweaking all the settings or framing your first shots to test out the 12-megapixel and ultra-wide cameras, you might accidentally leave it out. Fortunately, you can protect your investment with a durable case that will keep your new phone in good working order. In compiling our list of the best iPhone 14 cases, we’ve gathered options in different styles and prices so you can find the best option whether you have an iPhone 14, a Plus, a Pro or a Pro Max.

How we chose the best iPhone 14 cases

We have several iPhone users on staff; our phones are currently intact. One of the reasons for this is that we believe in cases. If we could, we would have a case for when we change cases because we change cases a lot to help you find the best ones. We combined this first-hand experience with peer recommendations and other real-world impressions, then scoured critical reviews and spec sheets to narrow down our list.

The best iPhone 14 cases: reviews and recommendations

We consider several factors when recommending the best iPhone 14 cases. A good phone case protects your phone without being too bulky. We look for options made with durable materials and prioritize options designed with recyclable materials. No matter how careful you are with your device, carrying it with you all the time will probably result in a drop at some point. We looked for cases that provided drop protection up to 10 feet or more to protect your device. With the iPhone 12, Apple introduced MagSafe, an array of magnets inside the phone that works with compatible accessories (batteries, car mounts, etc.) to secure the phone and align it with charging coils (among other convenience features). We highlight cases that work with this wireless technology.

Best overall: Nimble Disc case

Nimble makes the best iPhone 14 cases overall.

Why it made the cut: Nimble’s Disc Clear Case shows off your phone, is designed to absorb impact, and is made from recycled CDs and DVDs.


  • Materials: Recycled polycarbonate
  • Fall Protection: Up to 10 feet
  • Magsafe? yes


  • Drop protection up to 10 feet
  • Range of options for wireless charging
  • It can be recycled


Nimble’s Clear Case is a clear winner for the best iPhone 14 case. These cases stand out for their beautiful design and the company’s sustainable practices. Made in part from recycled CD and DVD polycarbonate, this case lets you show off your phone with a thin, clear case. Nimble’s cases feature the company’s FlexBand shock-absorbing technology, which provides protection against drops up to 10 feet. They are also MagSafe compatible and come in plastic-free packaging. And the company will take 15 percent off your purchase if you send them any of your old plastic cases for recycling.

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Better with wallet: Bellroy Mod case + wallet

The Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet is the best iPhone 14 case with a wallet.

Why it made the cut: The Bellroy Mod Case and Wallet lets you combine the essentials in a stylish package with this case and wallet combo.


  • Materials: Flexible polymer, tanned leather, polyester microfiber lining
  • Fall Protection: Padded corners
  • Charging MagSafe? yes


  • Magnetic closure
  • Holds up to three cards
  • It comes in a variety of colors and patterns


  • It doesn’t have strong drop protection

Take care of two essentials with the stylish Bellroy Mod case and wallet. This hard case is designed with two magnetic strips that will lock your wallet in place. The wallet opens with a magnetic trap and contains three cards. This case is also MagSafe compatible. That said, its sleek profile doesn’t offer much drop protection, although it does come with a 3-year warranty.

Best Leather: Mujjo leather case

Mujjo leather case is the best leather case for iPhone 14.

Why it made the cut: This beautiful case is an accessory you’ll want to wear and will only get better with time.


  • materials: Leather
  • Fall Protection: Not supplied
  • MagSafe? yes


  • Made in vegetable tanned leather
  • Available with wallet
  • Slim design


  • Not waterproof
  • Not necessarily a fall protector

If you’re looking for a stylish way to show off your phone, Mujillo’s leather case is a great choice. The vegetable tanned leather is flexible yet offers ample protection for everyday use with its raised bezel. Despite its rustic appearance, this case is also MagSafe compatible. It comes in brown, Monaco blue and black, or you can also get a version with a wallet included.

Better resistant: UAG iPhone 14 Pro Max case

The UAG iPhone 14 Pro Max case is the ultimate rugged iPhone 14 case.

Why it made the cut: Protect your oversized phone from the elements with this rugged yet lightweight option from UAG.


  • Materials: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Fall Protection: 16 feet
  • Charging MagSafe? no


  • Impressive drop protection
  • durability
  • Slim design


  • Does not work with MagSafe

Do you work outdoors or regularly venture into the countryside, but enjoy the extra screen of the larger iPhone? If so, a rugged case from UAG is a good choice to protect your phablet. Made of durable polycarbonate, this case features a raised screen and extra TPU on the corners to protect your phone from drops. It offers extra traction and oversized buttons that are easy to find and use. With drop protection up to 16 feet, this phone is military grade. And it’s available in 10 colors (as well as options for other iPhone sizes/models).

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Best Waterproof: OtterBox FRĒ Series Waterproof Case

Otterbox Fre series is the best iPhone 14 case that is waterproof.

Why it made the cut: This Otterbox case is made from recycled plastic and is waterproof so you can take your phone on water adventures.


  • Materials: polycarbonate
  • Fall Protection: 130 drops from 4ft
  • MagSafe? yes


  • The water proof
  • Slim design
  • Works with MagSafe


You don’t have to leave your new phone on the dock when you go out on the water. Otterbox’s FRĒ Series Waterproof Case offers plenty of protection from the elements as it can be submerged up to 2 meters for an hour. It is also partially made from recycled plastic. And it works with MagSafe devices for full functionality.

Best sustainable: Skin cover for iPhone 14 ProMax

Pela makes the best iPhone 14 cases that are sustainable.

Why it made the cut: Pela cases come in many beautiful colors, provide drop protection and are compostable when you’re done using them.


  • Materials: Compostable bioplastic elastomer and defect straw
  • Fall Protection: Up to 20 feet
  • MagSafe? yes


  • compostable
  • Works with MagSafe
  • It comes in eight colors


The name Pela is synonymous with sustainability. The Canadian brand’s phone cases are handcrafted in their studio from a material called Flaxstic, which is made up of compostable bioplastic elastomer and flawed straw. This makes it a flexible case designed to wrap around your phone. However, that doesn’t mean this case is weak. It provides impressive 20-foot drop protection, according to the company’s tests. It’s also MagSafe compatible and comes in eight colors. If you are not satisfied, the company also has a flexible return policy.

Best Budget: Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for iPhone 14

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is the best iPhone 14 case at a budget price.

Why it made the cut: The Spigen Ultra Hybrid showcases your phone while providing reliable protection at an affordable price.


  • Materials: Polycarbonate, thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Fall Protection: Military Grade (26 drops from 4 feet)
  • MagSafe? no


  • The transparent case shows off the phone
  • Low cost
  • resistant


If you want to save money after getting your new phone but still want reliable protection, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a good choice. Clear cases come in a variety of finishes, from Crystal Clear to Sierra Blue. However, that doesn’t mean this case is fragile. Comes with military grade air cushion drop protection. And all for an affordable price.

Also consider

If you’re looking for another durable option, the Zagg Denali Snap is designed with the mountains in mind. This tough option incorporates the company’s D3O material, which is flexible and shock-proof. It offers up to 16 feet of drop protection and is made in part from recycled materials. It also comes with an antimicrobial coating to discourage the growth of bacteria. In addition, it is compatible with MagSafe.

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On the other hand, if sustainability is a priority, the Bellroy Bio Phone Case for iPhone 14 Max is slim, compostable, and comes in three matte colors: black, stone blue, and biscuit. It is also less expensive than other options.

Things to consider when choosing the best iPhone 14 case

Now that you’re playing around with new iPhone features, you’ll want to protect your new camera with a case that fits your needs. Here are some things to think about:

Your phone model: Whether you bought an iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max, some companies only have cases for certain models, while others cover the entire new iOS lineup. Make sure you get the right one for your phone’s dimensions, camera array, etc.

Durability: Do you regularly subject your phone to the elements? If you’re outdoors, your phone will need to survive major drops and potentially landing on rocks and other hard surfaces. Some cases come with bumpers for extra corner protection. In addition, it may have to withstand exposure to water. Don’t just rely on marketing slogans. When it comes to drops, you can look for designations like ML-STD 810G-516.6 to know if the case has passed a rigorous test. And when it comes to water and dust resistance, check the IP rating, which stands for “Ingress Protection” and is shown as IPXX. The higher the numbers on the X points, the better the condition. Look for a minimum of 5, preferably 6-8.

Loading: All cases on this list work with wireless charging. But if MagSafe technology is a priority, keep in mind that not all new iPhone 14 cases are compatible.

Sustainability: If you’re looking to go easier on the Earth even with a new purchase, cases made from recycled plastic or compostable options like the Pela iPhone 14 ProMax case or the Bellroy Bio phone case are good options.

Final thoughts on the best iPhone 14 cases

Dropping extra cash on a case while paying for an iPhone 14 might seem like overkill, but it won’t feel that way after your first drop. Remember, you are protecting an investment. Whether you’re looking for a stylish case or wallet combination for everyday use, or a rugged case that protects your phone from the elements, our recommendations can help you get the most out of your new phone.


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