Best gaming gifts for last-minute Christmas presents

What do you buy for someone who loves video games? If you’re not familiar with popular entertainment, it’s hard to know what to get for someone. Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to the best gaming gifts this Christmas.

From accessories to controllers, new games and even consoles, you have no shortage of options that will please gamers of all ages. Here are some great gift ideas that cover 2022’s big year in gaming.

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Best gaming gifts

Additional controllers

Perfect for multiplayer sessions, or maybe their current controller just seems worn out, gifting a new controller speaks directly to the gamer’s love language. You can buy controllers made by third-party manufacturers if you need to keep costs down, but we find official controllers to be the best quality in terms of comfort and longevity. That being said, the Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch is fantastic for making handheld mode more comfortable for people with larger hands.

For a personal touch, Microsoft has the Xbox Design Lab, where you can order a custom controller and create something truly unique. The service lets you tweak color combinations, add grips, and even print names on the controller. This only applies to official Xbox controllers, which are compatible with Xbox and PC – PlayStation and Nintendo do not currently offer the same service.

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If you just need a regular controller, here are some options:

Nintendo Switch

Xbox Series X|S

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 4

A new video game

If you’re sure you know what games the person you’re buying for already has, a brand new game always makes for a wonderful gift to open on Christmas Day. This year saw a lot of great games across platforms, some of which were recently recognized at The Game Awards.

Depending on the platform, new games can cost upwards of $100 or less than $50 on sale. Here are some of our favorite gifts to consider from 2022:

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope (Nintendo Switch) – Amazon, Catch
  • The wanderer (PC/PS4/PS5) – Amazon
  • Splatoon 3 (Nintendo Switch) – Amazon, Catch
  • Kirby and the Forgotten Land (Nintendo Switch) – Amazon, Catch
  • Pokemon Legends Arceus (Nintendo Switch) – Amazon, Catch
  • Ragnarok, God of War (PS4/PS5) – Amazon, Catch
  • Alden Ring (PC/PS4/PS5/Xbox) – Amazon
  • The forbidden horizon is the West (PS4/PS5) – Amazon, Catch

Game Service Subscription

You may have noticed that not many Xbox games appear in the above list. That’s because many of the platform’s best games are included as part of Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that includes a library of more than 100 games. $10.95 per month for console or PC access, or $15.95 per month for the shared Ultimate tier, considering how expensive some new games can be.

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Buying a subscription is one of the best gaming gifts that keeps on giving as new games are regularly added to the service. This is a good option if you don’t know what games someone already has, so they can download the games they want whenever they want.

Xbox Game Pass is considered one of the best subscription services because of its strong mix of new and old games. However, Apple Arcade is also a good option for those using Apple devices, while PlayStation Plus also has multiple tiers to consider.

HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Headset

Buying gifts for those who play on PC is a bit difficult. The main reason for this is that it’s an almost entirely digital ecosystem where you can’t buy a game off the shelf in a store. Peripherals like headsets are a good option here, as they will have plenty of use for both work and play.

One headset you should consider is the wireless version of the Cloud Stinger 2 from HyperX. It connects to a PC via a USB dongle, freeing you from annoying cables cluttering your desk. Plus, it’s relatively affordable as far as gaming headsets go, with most wireless devices costing $200 and up. With around 20 hours of battery per charge and good audio quality, it will make a pleasant surprise under the Christmas tree.

You can get the HyperX Cloud Stinger 2 Wireless Headset from Amazon for $154.99.

One of the latest gaming consoles

If you are buying for someone. Really Exclusive and big budget, a brand new machine to play the latest and greatest is one of the best gaming gifts you can get. All three major companies – Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft – have great hardware to choose from, each with their own advantages and exclusive games.

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In recent years, international supply chain issues have made it difficult to find the latest consoles. Luckily, this Christmas is looking more promising: Australian retailers have managed to secure a large batch of PlayStation 5 consoles, meaning you should be able to pop into a store and buy one. Considering the PS5 launches in November 2020 and we’re finally able to get regular stock, that’s a big deal.

Another thing worth noting is that the digital-only Xbox Series S console has officially been discounted to $429 for Christmas. Often referred to as an Xbox Game Pass machine, the Series S lacks a disc drive but is perfect for playing digital games.

Despite what some fans may tell you, no one console is inherently better than the others. If you’re looking at Nintendo, however, consider skipping the Lite version of the Switch – it doesn’t let you on a TV, which is half of the Switch’s appeal. Here are the current consoles to find:




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