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ROCKLAND — Bail was set Friday at $2,500 in cash for a Rockland woman who had been drunk driving for the second time in a year — the first time with her child in the car and the second time when she took her child from picked up from school.

On September 23, the Knox County court held a hearing for 38-year-old Ashley R. Bonneau at the request of her attorney, Roger Brunelle.

Bonneau had been held without bail following a request from prosecutors to have her bail overturned from the original December 2021 case.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald had asked the court to continue holding her without bail because she posed a significant risk to public safety. Her attorney asked for her release on bail, saying she must be released to run the inn she owns.

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Bonneau was arrested in December 2021 for operating under the influence of alcohol, endangering the well-being of a child, failing to stop for an officer, assaulting and refusing to submit to an arrest. According to the public prosecutor’s office, her blood alcohol level was 0.35 per mille at the time. A person is considered under the influence if the score is 0.08.

In August, she agreed to a deferred injunction to settle the case. Those terms included that she contract with Maine Pretrial Services and operate a vehicle with only a locking device. The device prevents the car from starting if the driver has consumed alcohol.

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The prosecutor pointed out that on September 16, police were called to a Rockland bank where employees suspected Bonneau had been compromised. The officer found no impairment but warned the woman not to drive a vehicle without a locking device.

Then, on September 19, she was arrested for aggravated drunk driving, operating a vehicle without the ignition lock on, and violating a condition of release.

An affidavit filed by police reported that Bonneau arrived at her child’s school and rammed another vehicle. School staff said she was intoxicated or impaired and took her keys. The police were called and arrived, only to find that she was under the influence.

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She was initially held without bail pending her court hearing. Fernald pointed out at the September 23 hearing that she failed to use the interlock device on two occasions and failed to complete the Maine Pretrial Services contract.

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