Aviron, The Pioneer in Fitness Entertainment, Debuts New Strong Series Rower

The brand welcomes all body types and fitness levels to row with the launch of the most comfortable connected rowing machine on the market

TORONTO, October 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — aviron, the connected rower that leverages habit-forming psychology and game design to bring users a unique fitness entertainment experience, today announced the release of its premium rowing machine, the Aviron Strong Series. As the second consumer rowing machine in Aviron’s line of rowing machines, the Strong Series is designed to appeal to a wider variety of users by offering the most comfortable and complete total body home workout experience available.

Aviron has already disturbed the connected fitness market with their fitness-entertainment approach and their mission to “put an end to boring workouts”. Aviron fitness entertainment offers an alternative to the status quo of strictly classroom-based, instructor-led rowing with over 500 workout content options, including Aviron exclusives such as interactive multiplayer games, a streaming suite (Netflix, Hulu, Disney+) and Spotify integrations that are popular with the company’s fast-growing, engaged user community. Aviron’s unmatched variety includes a total of eight training categories, including how-to rowing, AI-guided training, and coached programs with modules from rowing influencers and trainers. Austin HendricksonAKA workout big.

In addition to its unique fitness-entertainment approach, the new Aviron Strong Series rowing machine includes a patent-pending hardware design that is unique in the connected rowing market. The only rowing machine that lets you adjust the distance between your feet, the Aviron Strong Series features an elevated seat with a lower frame that makes getting on and off easier. Aviron is also the only brand to introduce accessories that improve comfort and accessibility, including the soft cloud seat for added comfort and the Lumbar Support Extension, which provides additional lower back support for those with back problems. In addition, the rower is among the most compact on the market at 7 feet long, yet accommodates users up to 6 feet 8 inches and 507 pounds.

“Isn’t it crazy that in 2022 there isn’t another rowing machine built for people of all sizes?” says Aviron Founder and CEO Andy Hoang. “There’s so much technology and innovation in the fitness industry, but the fundamentals of the rower — handlebar width, seat size, seat height, foot position — have never been improved. Making rowing really comfortable for the average consumer who wants to get a great workout is the only way to finally make rowing popular and mainstream.”

Other innovations in the Strong Series design include a cooling effect from strategically placed gills on either side of the machine, directing airflow from the fan to the user with every stroke, and a 22-inch HD touchscreen that rotates up to 270 degrees makes it easy to continue Aviron’s guided programs outside of the rowing machine. Designed with a modern floating front and wide triangular leg, this is Aviron’s first rowing machine that stands upright for storage and requires no supports or wall mounts. Like Aviron’s Impact Series rowing machine, the Strong Series continues to ship via UPS and is designed for a simple 45-minute do-it-yourself assembly.

The launch of Aviron’s second consumer rowing machine comes as the company gains momentum in the connected fitness space. Since launching in the consumer market in July 2020, Aviron has experienced rapid growth, growing its sales by 6x in 2021 while increasing its seed and Series A rounds to total funding of $23.5M. In 2022, Aviron has already surpassed 2021 revenue and is on track to triple revenue year over year.

The new Aviron Strong Series rowing machine is available today in the US at Avironactive.com. Visit Avironactive.com for information about Aviron.

About Aviron

Aviron is a connected rowing machine that uses habit-forming psychology and game design to bring users a unique fitness entertainment experience. Aviron offers a full-body, cardio, and strength workout while keeping users mentally engaged with games, friendly group competitions, guided programs on and off the rower, streaming, and more. Founded in 2018, Aviron is backed by Stripes, Samsung Next, Global Founders Capital and Y-Combinator. Aviron rowers are available across the US and can be found in thousands of homes across the country as well as at Nike headquarters. State of Chico, YMCA and Gold’s Gym, among others. Aviron has also been introduced recently Canada via BestBuyCanada.com. For more information visit avironactive.com.



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