Are Samsung phone batteries really swelling up: Myth or Fact?

Since 2010, Arun Maini, also known as Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube, has been collecting all premium Samsung Galaxy gadgets. These phones were only used once for a review before being used to compare videos. They were then safely stored at other phone manufacturers.

Here’s the full story behind it

It is true that Samsung phone batteries swell. Maini decided to document his gadget collection on video this summer. Among several other phones, the Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015), Galaxy Note 8 (2017), and Galaxy S10 (2019) all reportedly had bloated batteries that caused the back covers to open. Bloating batteries in a phone is unsafe as it can cause accidental fires and explosions.

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Additional research revealed that the battery issue affects many other Samsung phones besides Galaxy S6, Note 8 and S10.

It is interesting to note that electronics from other manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Asus and others placed in environments with similar air and temperature levels did not show results as similar to those of Samsung.

A user also commented on one of our YouTube videos about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the user said #samsung #S22ultra It’s the worst phone. Bought a new one and spoiled it by itself in 7 days. Buy it at your own risk as @samsung urges you to fix the phone. Should have just bought a refurbished one instead.

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The YouTuber hails from the UK, and the country has recently endured a terrible heatwave. Miani believes the weather in the UK could be to blame and that the problem appears to be exclusive to Samsung phones, as the air temperature in the storage area where the test devices were stored may have caused the lithium batteries in the phones to swell are .


When Miani tweeted about the issue, Samsung was quick to respond. The affected phones were collected and shipped to their Euro-QA lab for additional inspection on August 1, 2022, the YouTuber claims. The Korean company still hasn’t given Miani a report, explanation or follow-up regarding the handsets after more than 50 days.

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Popular This Is YouTube channel host Matt Ansini, who also experienced the same issue with his Samsung Galaxy S7, supported Maini’s findings on Twitter. According to him, every Samsung phone in his collection that was three years old or older had experienced a similar decline.

With all of this, we think Samsung really needs to work on its battery part and the overall quality it has always delivered.


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