Apple ‘must do better’ on reproductive health data, AG says

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong and a few of his counterparts were challenged by the U.S. Supreme Court in June Roe v. Wade is urging Apple to better protect consumers’ reproductive health information in apps available on the App Store.

In a letter to Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook on Monday, Tong and other attorneys general said that Apple must take stronger measures to protect private reproductive health data collected from users of apps hosted on the App Store because that information “could be given away.” weaponized against consumers by law enforcement, private organizations or individuals.”

“From basic health and wellness apps to menstrual tracking, fertility and pregnancy tracking apps, we’ve had our phones collect, store, and sometimes share our most personal and private reproductive health information,” said Tong, a Democrat. In a statement, he said he was elected for a second term on 8 November. “Apple says it has strong privacy and security measures for its devices, but those protections don’t cover the apps they host in their stores. Apple has taken more steps to demand strong privacy protections and ensure that private reproductive health information isn’t used to criminalize and harass those who seek and provide abortion services. He can and should do better.”

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In addition to Tong, attorneys general of New Jersey, California, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, North Carolina, Illinois, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. also signed the letter.


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