Apple Is Reeling From Soft iPhone 14 Sales, May Launch iPhone 15 At Lower Price Points

iPhone 14

With the “worrying” sales performance of its iPhone 14 Plus, Apple is considering a rework of its iPhone 15 family of smartphones. The iPhone 14 Plus is the newest addition to the iPhone family and replaces the 5.4-inch iPhone mini .

Both non-Pro versions are said to be suffering from low sales, with the Plus being the most affected. The only difference between the standard iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus is a larger screen and battery and an additional cost of $100. New iPhone buyers seem to be opting for the more expensive Pro and Pro Max, which has Apple shifting resources to accommodate demand. Allegedly, this also led the company to reconsider how to ensure better sales of the iPhone 15.

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Apple departed from its typical strategy of including a new chip across its entire lineup with the iPhone 14 family. The lower-end iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus retained last year’s chip, while the two Pro versions received a newer, more fast The Pro models also had a new front design and a 48MP front-facing camera.

non pro iphone 14 models
iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

It seems that consumers noticed the differences, or lack thereof, and decided that upgrading to a non-Pro model didn’t make sense. However, improvements to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, such as the addition of the dynamic island, were enough to convince Apple users to spend the money to upgrade.

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ship filter Eyes1122what MacRumors has a mixed track record, says Apple is considering some changes next year to its iPhone lineup.

First, the company is considering shrinking the differentiation between the Pro and standard models in terms of features. Some of the additions that may come to the non-Pro versions are the Dynamic Island cutout, a higher refresh rate and the 49 MP front camera of the iPhone 14 Pro.

dynamic apple island
iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island feature

Another consideration that is supposedly made is price. Earlier reports indicated that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max (supposedly to be called Ultra) will have a higher starting price. The rest of the iPhone 15 line could also see a price increase, with non-Pro models receiving a potential price cut.

It seems Apple hopes that creating a more defined line between versions in price, even if it doesn’t shortchange the non-Pro models from as many features, will help make next year’s sales less uneven. Of course, this is a reasonable guess at this point, but there will be plenty more leaks and rumors between now and when Apple officially announces the iPhone 15 family of smartphones next year.


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