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A native of Davenport, Iowa, Aubrey Kall initially chose to study color guard and media production at Northern Michigan University, but did not pursue these areas further during her college career when she discovered student media.

As a freshman Kall, she worked at WNMU-TV and was involved with Public Eye News as a station staffer.

“I had a wonderful amount of mentors … they encouraged me to do a minor in business because it’s applicable to all things, regardless of your major,” Kall said. “I loved my business classes so much that I ended up switching [my major to business] my sophomore year, but I still stayed connected to the network throughout my career.”

During her sophomore year, Kall founded Luminous Harmony, a company focused on the light shows she hosts. She programmed Christmas lights to sync with the music, a skill she used both professionally and personally. She would put on light shows for her roommates or manipulate the lights to flash orange and yellow to a snippet of Fall Out Boy’s “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark” to prove to her RA that she could predict when the fire drills take place it will happen.

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Her business degree from NMU is invaluable in founding Luminous Harmony and later becoming Vice President of Light-O-Rama, the company that manufactures the equipment Kall uses for her light shows.

“I loved my management courses in both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees,” said Kall. “It taught me a lot about how to work with other people, understanding different personalities, what motivates different people to be productive, how to create teams that work best together and plan goals.”

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Planning was certainly important to Kall during her college years as not only did she balance coursework for her major, her company and her job at Public Eye News, but she also served on the board of directors of North Wind, the Special Events Committee and active in her home and hall management while living at Van Antwerp Hall.

Kall managed to keep everything in sync with her trusty Sticky Notes app on her computer and said it was what kept her going through school.

“I had the days of the week at the top, Sunday to Saturday, and they were all in yellow, every single one of my courses or extracurriculars or otherwise had their own color. I would write the day it was due on a sticky note and I would drag the sticky note to the day I would do it. I would make sure everything is taken care of in advance. I wouldn’t think of anything and was able to erase the sticky note very satisfactorily when I was done.”

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This method seemed to have worked very well as Kall is now the VP of a multi-million dollar corporation with dreams that she and her younger brother Adam could maybe make enough money to one day have a Kall Hall on the Campus.

“I had a lot of fun at the NMU,” said Kall. “I really miss it.”


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