ALMGHTY wins COD Mobile Fall Invitational 2022

The COD Mobile Fall Invitational 2022 has concluded with Indonesian team ALMGHTY being crowned champions. 16 teams from China and Southeast Asia competed in the 15-day event for $65,000 in prize money.

The teams were divided into four groups of four teams each, and played matches in a round-robin format. Two teams from each group qualified for the knockout stage which lasted for three days and decided the winner.

COD Mobile Fall Invitational Group Stage Rankings (Image via Garena)
COD Mobile Fall Invitational Group Stage Rankings (Image via Garena)

Overview of the COD Mobile Invitational Fall 2022 Knockout Stage

The first match of the quarter-finals in the elimination stage was won by the Chinese team Qing Jiu Club. They defeated Group B leaders Omega Esports by a score of 4-2. The second game was played between All Gamers and Wolves (both Chinese teams), and the latter emerged victorious with a score of 4-2.

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BlackList Ultimate was dominant from the start and had no trouble defeating Douyu Gaming who also hails from China. The last match was played between the two Indonesian teams ALMGHTY and ABC International. The former had the advantage with a score of 4-1.

Qing Jiu Club (Q9) makes up for their defeat in the finals of the fourth season of the China Masters by defeating the Wolves in a one-sided battle. The Wolves did not seem to be at their best during the event and were eliminated with a score of 0-4.

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The second semi-final match was played between the COD Mobile WC 2021 East champion and runner-up teams. This was also a pretty one-sided match as ALMGHTY defeated Blacklist by a score of 4-1.

The grand final between ALMGHTY and Qing Jiu Club was a very even match as both teams gave it their all. Q9 won the first and second matches played in Fire Range and Takeoff, but ALMGHTY made a fantastic comeback after winning the third and fourth matches in Raid and Hacienda.

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Q9 won the fifth game at Summit, and ALMGHTY won the sixth game, bringing the score to 3-3. The final game (played in Slums) was a bittersweet one, but in the end, ALMGHTY were crowned champions with a 7-5.

With a K/D ratio of 1.1, Heaven earned the MVP award (Image via Garena)
With a K/D ratio of 1.1, Heaven earned the MVP award (Image via Garena)

Distribution of event prizes

The winner, ALMGHTY, took home 130,000 yuan (about $18,000) in prizes. Q9 placed second and received $12,000. Wolves defeated Blacklist Ultimate to claim third place and 48,000 yuan ($6.7,000).

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