Allen Ladd’s New Book ‘Street Politics’ is a Compelling Read That Highlights the Dangerous Life of the Young People Living on the Margins

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Sep 21, 2022 11:01 am EDT

A man who has witnessed life’s ugly truths, Allen Ladd, author of Fulton Books, has completed his latest book, Street Politics: an engaging tale that appeals to young adults and adult viewers alike. It follows the life of a man who grew up in one of the most war-ridden areas of the world. To survive on the streets, he resorted to violence, crime, and drug abuse. He’s someone who has spent most of his life in and out of prison. Despite the dirty and dark deeds, he will do anything to survive. He must survive for his lover and his precious eight-year-old daughter.

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Ladd says: “With so much at stake, going back to what I’d known for 20-25 years probably felt like a natural choice, especially after never having a chance to actually see what my true potential was. Then, after giving this state 12 long years of my life, to go empty-handed was not an opinion.

“So I would choose the people I surround myself with very wisely because at the end of the day those choices helped make dreams a reality. Because growing up in Chicago meant living the nightmare that people read about or see on TV, which is why my team identified with the fight because we all came out of the nightmare.

“How quickly I could get Red (the most valuable piece of the puzzle) to fully believe in our mission carried a lot. He was one of the deadliest people to walk the planet earth. The streets whispered about his dirty deeds and his body count. He would ultimately be my personal hand of death, but also importantly, he didn’t know any of the people I would surround him with and therefore had an unbiased opinion when it came time to weed out the snakes and rats.

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“I also knew from experience that on any climb with other people, it’s highly unlikely that everyone would make it to the top of the mountain. One just hopes that those who fall will cut their ropes and not take everyone with them.

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“Who would have known that such a big city tactic could be so devastating to Wisconsin and so many other places altogether? definitely have a very dangerous outcome.”

Allen Ladd’s book, published by Fulton Books, is a suspenseful play that tackles complicated social issues. It’s a dark and mature read that portrays the reality of people living in the marginalized sector.

It also includes languages ​​and topics not suitable for minors.

Readers interested in experiencing this page-turning work can purchase Street Politics in bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

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