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    FILE - People take pictures in front of a sign during the CES tech show on January 6, 2022 in Las Vegas.  CES is returning to Las Vegas in January 2023 with hopes of reviving what it looked like before the pandemic.  (AP Photo/Joe Buglewicz, File)
FILE – People take pictures in front of a sign during the CES tech show on January 6, 2022 in Las Vegas. CES is returning to Las Vegas in January 2023 with hopes of reviving what it looked like before the pandemic. (AP Photo/Joe Buglewicz, File)

SAN FRANCISCO: The latest leap in artificial intelligence in everything from cars, robots to appliances will be on full display at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, starting on Thursday.

Forced to go virtual in 2021 and hybrid last year due to the pandemic, tens of thousands of showgoers are hoping for a return to the packed halls and rapid-fire deal-making that have long been hallmarks of the annual gadget extravaganza.

“In 2022, it was a shadow of itself – empty halls, no meetings in hotel rooms,” Avi Greengart, an analyst at Techspotential, told AFP.

“Now, (we expect) crowds, difficulty getting around and meetings behind closed doors — which is what a trade show is all about.”

The CES show officially opens on January 5, but companies will start competing for the spotlight as early as Tuesday with the latest tech wizardry.

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CES will span more than 18 acres (seven hectares), from the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center to pavilions set up in parking lots. Ballrooms and banquet rooms in Sin City will be used to expedite business.

With transportation now the new frontier of computing, next-generation autos, trucks, boats, farm equipment, and even flying machines are expected to gain attention, according to analysts.

“It almost feels like you’re at an auto show,” said Kevin Yalovitz, head of platform strategy at Accenture.

More than ever, cars now come with operating systems like smartphones or laptop computers, Accenture expects that by 2040 nearly 40 percent of vehicles on the road will need software that can be updated remotely.

And with connected cars come apps and online entertainment as developers battle to capture passengers’ attention with streaming or shopping services on board.

Electric vehicles enhanced with artificial intelligence will also be on display “in a big way,” Greengart said.

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“What’s really buzzing is personal flying machines,” said Rob Enderle, an independent technology analyst.

“Basically, they’re human-carrying drones.”

Metaverse speed?

Led by Zuckerberg’s Meta, the immersive virtual world called the metaverse is seen by some as the future of the ever-evolving Internet, despite widespread criticism that the billionaire CEO is overinvesting in an unproven sector. are

After being a major theme at CES last year, virtual reality headgear that aims to transport people to the metaverse is expected to be featured again.

Formerly known as Facebook, Meta will allow select guests to try out its latest Oculus Quest virtual reality headset, which will try to convince skeptics that the company’s pivot to the Metaverse was the right one.

Gadgets or services built as part of the next generation of the Internet – or “Web 3” – are expected to include mixed reality gear as well as blockchain technology and NFTs.

Web 3 promises a more decentralized Internet where tech companies, big businesses or governments no longer hold all the keys to online life.

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“This idea of ​​how we’re going to connect is going to be part of a big trend at CES,” said Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi.

Analysts had expected cryptocurrencies to be included among the Web 3 innovations at the show, but according to Milanesi, the implementation of cryptocurrency platform FTX and the arrest of its boss Sam Bankman-Fried there “ There may be a pullback”.

Covid and climate

The CES presentation will likely reflect the impact of the pandemic, as products designed during lockdowns and remote work will now make their way to market even if lifestyle habits change from pre-Covid. is returning, Greengart noted.

Technology designed to better assess health and connect remotely with care providers will also be strong at CES.

And while the show is dedicated to unabashed consumerism, ecology will also be a theme, from gadgets to waterways to trash removal to apps that help people reduce energy use.

According to analysts, many companies are eliminating plastic from packaging and moving to biodegradable materials, while trying to reduce carbon emissions.

“If you’re someone who’s off the grid growing vegetables, CES is not for you,” Greengart said.

“But, I admire companies that find ways to make their products and supply chains more sustainable.”


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