A Parenting Must-Have for California’s Newborn Falls Awareness Week

The RooLoop is the ultimate maternity support band designed for secure skin-to-skin contact.

The RooLoop is the ultimate maternity support band designed for secure skin-to-skin contact.

Baby safety has always been a top priority with all joovy products, says joovy President and CEO Rob Gardner.

The patented design of joovy’s RooLoop newborn safety band has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of infant falls at home during breastfeeding or during skin-to-skin sessions.

Leading children’s product brand joovy announces its support of the second annual Newborn Falls Awareness Week in California in September. In this way, it alerts pregnant and postpartum parents to its RooLoop Newborn Safety Band, tested in the NICU, to increase the safety of the newborn during skin contact and breastfeeding.

One of the newborn must-haves for parents after birth

In partnership with La Leche League International’s exclusive skin-to-skin product, the technology behind the RooLoop neonatal safety band is used in hospitals, C-section operating rooms and neonatal intensive care units worldwide. The patented brace is now the top choice for new parents who want the health benefits of skin-to-skin contact with added safety for baby.

“Baby safety has always been a top priority for all joovy products,” says Rob Gardner, joovy President and CEO. “It’s a natural evolution of our brand to incorporate the RooLoop newborn safety strap. A product that makes it easier, safer and more comfortable for babies and caregivers to enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of skin-to-skin contact.”

“With our 15 year history as a brand supporting parents’ backs, we are extremely proud to support and raise the profile of the inaugural California Newborn Falls Awareness Week. Every injury avoided and every tiny life saved is a resounding success for this campaign.”

Made in collaboration with the clinically recognized Joeyband™, the RooLoop Newborn Safety Band is specifically designed for home use by parents after birth. Its soft, stretchy elastic band holds newborns in secure skin-to-skin positions and offers unparalleled mimicking of the uterus for ultimate comfort and helps prevent falls.

Newborn Falls: An underestimated, growing problem.

Between 600 and 1,600 newborns fall in US hospitals each year, according to a 2010 Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. These numbers relate only to in-hospital incidents and do not reflect the large number of baby drops that also occur in the home setting when parents return home with their newborn.

Of most concern is the rapid increase in falls among newborns, with hospital and hospital falls increasing by 600% over the past decade as more mothers are encouraged to try breastfeeding and practice skin-to-skin with their babies.

California Newborn Falls Awareness Week

To address the increasing incidence of fall-related injuries in newborns and to regulate a non-standard reporting system, the state of California has announced that the third week of September will be Newborn Falls Awareness Week.

The bill, SR 48, authored by Senator Monique Limon, advocates supporting caregivers and parents to reduce the likelihood of baby drop due to postpartum fatigue or exhaustion. It also introduces measures that hospitals can use as a standardized risk assessment for falls and falls in newborns and encourages close tracking for ongoing surveillance.

joovy’s tips for preventing falls in newborns

Practice safe skin-to-skin positions

A half-sitting, half-lying position allows caregivers to relax with their baby while always being able to see their face. The semi-recumbent position helps ensure the baby rests securely on the caregiver’s torso and ensures that the tiny airways remain clear and unobstructed.

Use a newborn support product to secure the baby in place

A skin-to-skin product like the joovy RooLoop Newborn Safety Band protects baby from slips or falls while providing the reassuring tight feeling of the womb.

From stimulating milk production during breastfeeding to regulating a baby’s heartbeat to increasing the infant’s oxygen saturation, skin-to-skin contact after birth and in the early postpartum period has proven to be an overall benefit for parents or caregivers and newborns proven.

get some rest

Easier said than done with a newborn, but ensuring moms get the rest they need to recover from childbirth is an important way to reduce neonatal drip. Caregivers who are feeling particularly tired should avoid falling asleep with their newborn on their chest and instead place them in a crib or crib before bedtime.

Consider additional help after cesarean section (if possible)

The American Journal of Maternal Child Nursing reports that infants are at a higher risk of falls when staying with mothers who are on medication or recovering from anesthesia. In addition comes the [risk of falls or drops increasing in the few days after a cesarean birth, post-surgical mothers should consider calling in extra help (if possible) as their bodies recover from the trauma.

Unintentional falls are one of the leading causes of injury-related hospitalizations of young babies. Even the youngest immobile infant should always be left under the direct supervision of a parent or caregiver. Where that is not possible, for example, overnight or should the caregiver need to step away for a moment, the baby should be left in a safe space. A secure crib, playpen, or bassinet is ideal.

About joovy

Founded in 2005, joovy is a global leader in premium juvenile, toy, and sporting goods products for babies through young children. The company has grown by listening to parents. Positivity is contagious. joovy believes we should be good to the world, the environment, and each other.

The RooLoop Newborn Safety Band Newborn Safety Band, produced in partnership with the JoeyBand™ is designed for use with babies up to 12 months old and is the exclusive skin-to-skin product for the la Leche League. To learn more about joovy, please visit http://www.joovy.com.

About the California Newborn Falls Awareness Week

Scheduled annually for the third week in September, the California Newborn Falls Awareness Week aims to reduce infant injury through unintentional falls and drops, both in hospital settings and in the home. It coincides with the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association’s (JPMA) Baby Safety Month, founded in 1983, to remind parents and retailers of the safe use and selection of baby products and to practice in-home safety.

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