A pair of “headless” cats wins 2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards

© Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

It’s that time again: some of my favorite photo contests are announcing the winners. The Comedy Pet Photo Awards is one of them, and the 2022 winners have just been announced.

This year’s winner is Kenichi Morinaga with his photo of two cats sitting cheek to cheek on a fence…or rather, neck to neck. Of course, there are also category winners, and we’re sharing them all with you today.

Kenichi is a photographer from Japan who loves to visit the small islands around the country and take photos of the street cats he finds there. His passion started when he got his own pet cat and visited Europe for the first time as a backpacker, also earning him the Best Cat category. Or should I say CATegory?

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“Suddenly I was fascinated by the antics of the cats on the street and I had to photograph them,” he says. “I kept looking for them when I got back to Japan, they really cheer me up, especially after the last two years of the pandemic – they’re so funny even when they’re doing something serious.”

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Kenichi won a cash prize of £2,000 plus a £5,000 donation from Animal Friends Pet Insurance to an animal welfare or conservation organisation. “This amazing competition has reminded me that such gestures are recognized as hilarious, cute and heartwarming by all animals not only in Japan but around the world.”

The fun pet competition was created by Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam to celebrate the positive and important role pets play in our lives and to promote commitment to animal welfare. Thanks to its partnership with Animal Friends Pet Insurance, Comedy Pets is donating £35,000 to animal welfare organizations this year, £10,000 each to 3 different charities, all doing an excellent job caring for abandoned animals and finding them new homes: Dean Farm Trust, London Inner City Kitties and Wild at Heart Foundation, plus £5,000 donated by the winner to a charity of their choice.

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Take a look at the category winners below and learn more about the Comedy Pet Photo Awards on the competition website.

Category Winner

© Jose Bayon/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022 Dog Category Winner

© Radim Filipek/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022, winner in the horse category

© Stefan Brusius/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022, category winner All Other Creatures

Freya Sharpe (age 9)/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022, Junior Category Winner

© Marko Jovanovic/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022, Winner of People’s Choice Award

© Mehmet Aslan/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022, Winner of Comedy Pet Team Favorite Award

Highly recommended

© Sarah Fiona Helme/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Lucy Sellors/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Kenichi Morinaga/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Kazutoshi Ono/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Karl Goldhamer/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Jonathan Casey/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Chris Johnson/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

© Beth Noble/Animal Friends Comedy Pets 2022

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