A Montreal Photographer Does Impromptu Pup Shoots & It’s The Most Therapeutic Thing Ever

Meet Keegan, a Montreal-based photographer you may know from his viral pupshoot TikTok. After dabbling in content creation for over a decade, Keegan found his footing through sound, videography and photography – a creative background that has undoubtedly contributed to his growing online success and popularity.

With a whopping 1.2 million followers on TikTok and 35,000 on Instagram, Keegan’s videos have become a hot topic of conversation and a completely free form of therapy. After all, dogs have this effect on humans.

MTL Blog spoke to Keegan, who shared how his dog photo shoots came about, the passion and reason behind his “dog phase” photography, and of course what his favorite dog breed is – a question some might think is one Sophie’s choice-style request.

After settling in the Verdun neighborhood of Montreal, Keegan transitioned from travel and portrait photography to spontaneous canine shots that mimic a total sense of health. The concept of spontaneously photographing dogs on the streets of Montreal came about when Keegan set his sights on a Golden Retriever puppy. When Keegan approached the Houmans for permission to pupshoot, Keegan snapped what would later spark his newfound love for creating “PupTok” content.

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The video went viral. And sadly, the Doggo series began.

Keegan has racked up almost 30 million likes on TikTok – he’s photographed countless furry friends and captured the adorable exchanges for millions. Not to mention the stories Keegan collects, including a touching moment with Alex and her puppy Sierra – who she rescued from Lebanon and adopted.

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When it comes to Keegan’s passion for dog content, it’s all about the joy dogs bring to our lives. He might be allergic to cats and dogs though – get the idea, right? Keegan’s love of animals remains unparalleled, especially considering how therapeutic the encounter can be. “When I’m in a depression, I go out and do some videos. I meet dogs and it’s an instant mood booster,” Keegan said. And he hopes viewers will take that away from his videos.

“I really want those who stumble across my videos and spend a few minutes on my channel to close the app and just lift their spirits,” Keegan told MTL Blog. “If I can give people just a little bit of that feeling with my videos, then I’m happy.”

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Though Keegan won’t be saying goodbye to dog photography anytime soon, he does see it as a phase. Keegan said he has his sights set on photography and travel, and while that means dog photography won’t be his goal forever, viewers will still catch some cute puppy shots every now and then.

In the meantime, he takes it a step further by turning dogs into runway models. Keegan’s latest video, released this week, titled “Turning Dogs Into Models,” features some Adorbian doggos strutting down a pop-up runway on the Lachine Channel, which has already garnered nearly 150,000 views on TikTok in just 24 hours Has.

Luckily, Montreal has a lot more cock wagging and Keegan keeps catching the magic with a camera click.

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