A Grip on Sports: Welcome to postseason baseball, where the cons overcome the pros – at least for one day

SPORT AT HAND • Two words with three letters. Professional. Con Two little words that mean so much as they refer to the Seattle Mariners. As in: “The advantages of winning on Saturday are outweighed by the disadvantages of losing on Tuesday.” Yes, you are.


• People of the Northwest have long and short memories. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t forget the long-celebrated joy when The Double was washed away by the Cleveland Indians. Or that the glory of the 2001 regular season lasted only about a week in the postseason.

Baseball is like that. The only unbridled joy comes from winning the last game of the season – if you make the playoffs. Otherwise, agony is the long-term consequence. Agony accompanied by what-ifs and should-haves been done. It’s the one truism of a sport that takes hours to play, allows minutes to make decisions, and heart breaks in seconds.

Like yesterday.

For about three hours, the M’s beat the Houston Astros with 106 wins, the same team that won 12 of 19 regular-season meetings between the two and overtook the American League West by 16 games. Then? Phew, gone.

Two bad pitches. Two home runs in the last two innings. Seven innings of hard work was washed away in a 9-8 loss.


All the pros, like Logan Gilbert’s mostly even first start after the season, are gone. Forgot Julio Rodriguez’s star turn (he had two hits, including a double and a treble, two RBI and three goals). An inning where the M’s bat for a cycle, insignificant.

Instead, the game ends with an entire community of fans questioning a decision. Or decisions. And throwing blame around like flags at a late-night Pac-12 football game.

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The disadvantages are obvious. The early missed opportunities to add even more runs. The Hanging Slider by Andres Munoz – come on, four in a row when a guy has a 100mph fastball? – Alex Bregman sat down on the seats. The 3-2 pitch that hit pinch hitter David Hensley in the ninth. The 1-2 shifter from Paul Sewald to Jeremy Pena, which didn’t slip enough and allowed the Astros’ top hitter Yordan Alvarez to go to the plate.

And the scam, Robbie Ray’s please-slap-me-runner-up.

You’re more than welcome to question the decision to bring in Ray, a starting pitcher who has struggled lately and against Houston for much of the year. Consider whether using starters in a situation like this is a good or bad strategy. Second guess as to whether Ray Alvarez should have pitched differently, or whether Ms Alvarez should have pitched at all, or one of a dozen other choices.

That’s your right as a baseball fan.

But remember. If Alvarez was 16 inches off, the ball doesn’t land on the seats. It flies into the right field, falls into Mitch Haniger’s glove and everyone wonders how Scott Servais got so clever.


Think back 72 hours from Tuesday’s heartbreak. Remember the Blue Jays fans who shuffled out of Rogers Center on Saturday, red-eyed, heads bowed and hearts pounding. Each of them wondered why. As. What. Second guess pitches. Decisions after the second guess. Her decision to even be a fan to be guessed in hindsight. An hour before they left the park, they were sure – sure – their team was going to win. Not just confident. Secure.

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Sound familiar?


The benefits of the postseason were obvious to any Mariner fan a week ago. Now the cons too.


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• Big wins. Bad losses. Baseball has both. But damn, why do they have to happen so close together? Those poor Mariner fans who haven’t seen the postseason are getting a master’s degree in the game’s emotions, aren’t they? And that in less time than an MBA at the WGU. See you later …


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