A Grip on Sports: 2022 ended with a bang and not just on the football fields

GET ON SPORTS • New year? Thank God. Is this the last? Oh boy. It ended with a bang, didn’t it? And if we got hold of the people who were moving them all, we would catch them when my dog ​​trembled and howled before his eyes. Maybe then they’ll realize what their self-absorbed pastimes are doing to others.


• I’m sorry. If you were at our house between 8:45 last night, did we move to Boston? – and at 12:40 a.m. this morning, you’ll understand.

Worse than the Fourth of July we remember. Continuous growth. Well, they stopped every once in a while, but it was enough to fake out the old dog. By midnight he was devastated. As was his best friend.

Forget that it’s a crime to set off fireworks within Spokane city limits. Forget that you have to ring in the New Year at midnight Pacific time. Forget all that. How about paying attention to others? Wait, it’s left us in the past decade.

All right. The poor dog is still afraid to go outside. The loud noise is gone, but his memory will remain for a while.

• We’re moving on. Just like TCU and Georgia.

Last night’s CFP semifinals highlighted everything that is right and wrong about college football. And it was only eight hours.

Right? Unlike the NFL, offense dominates in college. If you have a good quarterback or a good hot quarterback and a handful of receivers, there’s always an opportunity.

Michigan’s quarterback didn’t play well overall, but he was good enough in the Wolverines’ 51-45 loss to TCU. JJ McCarthy might have led Jim Harbaugh’s team to a national title game against top-seeded Georgia without a little help from the officiating.

Michigan came up with a yard or two and denied the Wolverines the exact amount of real estate they had after a key second-quarter interception.

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After Rod Moore intercepted Max Duggan’s pass, we thought there was something strange about the place. But it took until the second half to show us how wrong ESPN was. The network took some time to figure out where the interception was at the TCU 49 and where the ball was at the Michigan 49. Why was this important? Because McCarthy threw a long pass into the end zone that came up a yard short. Even then, Roman Wilson didn’t hold the ball until he was in the end zone. It was settled by a blow.

Then it was on to replay. Does anyone see clear and convincing evidence that Wilson protected the ball before the goal line? Neither did we. Under current rules, it should not have capsized. But someone decided to do it.


Michigan fell short on the next play, losing six or seven points for good.

• Here’s a fun fact about the game. According to the Ann Arbor News , last night’s game was Michigan’s first of the year on turf. If you can call a surface in Glendale that. We just call it padding.

• The other game it was just fun. No repeats with errors. No strange calls. Unprotected. Georgia State beat Ohio State, 42-41, with its final 50-yard field goal secured just like the first tee of the upcoming golf season.

We can’t say we were sad. Not much of an OSU fan. Not even Georgia. Neither is Michigan or TCU for that matter.

Big college football fan? Of course. For all its ups and downs. It was all described last night.

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• By the way, If you have time today, take a walk down memory lane with the SR sportswriters. Sports editor Ralph Walter has put together this compilation of the best stories of 2022.


WSU: Everything that is wrong with the management of college football around the Pac-12 and college football was highlighted in the conference discussion with the Big 12 after USC and UCLA announced they were leaving for the Big Ten. … Washington took a lot of gambles this season, which was fun. … No rosary cup this January 1st because it’s Sunday. But tomorrow’s game should feature mirror images of each other, Utah and Penn State. … USC will face Tulane in the Cotton Bowl tomorrow. … UCLA has some things to fix in the offseason. … Oregon State got some good news on Saturday. … Arizona, ranked fifth in the Basketball News, played against Arizona State in Tempe, but won 69-60. … Colorado didn’t, collapsing against the worst team in the conference and losing to California. … Utah went 4-0 after beating host Stanford 71-66. … Oregon and Oregon State battled the host Ducks and ended up winning. But the Beavers felt better when it was all over. … Today is a doubleheader weekend in Washington, which makes today exciting.

Gonzaga: The Bulldogs won their seventh straight West Coast Conference game with a 111-88 win over Pepperdine. Jim Meehan is responsible for the story of the dog house game, while Theo Lawson is about two friends who care about and face the differences. … Jesse Tinsley was also at McCarthy and has this photo report. … People in the office reviewed the highlights. … The women were at LA State and defeated Loyola Marymount 96-51. … There was a lot of frustration elsewhere in the WCC last night, but it may not have been there without GU in this meeting. St. Mary’s won 67-64 at Santa Clara, while San Diego won 80-68 at Hilltop. Meanwhile, Pacific held off visiting Loyola Marymount 78-72, and host BYU edged injury-hit Portland 71-58.

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EWU: Saturday night in Bozeman with a 70-67 win over Montana State, the Eagles made it a two-game weekend. … Elsewhere in the Big Sky, the Idaho State men and women had a perfect weekend, with the women winning twice on the road, including a 63-42 win over Northern Colorado last night. The Bears had a slow start to the conference. … The Weber State boys are also 2-0 with a 76-60 win over Northern Arizona. … Sacramento State opened Big Sky play with a 74-63 victory over visiting Portland.

Idaho: The Vandals finished 2022 on a three-game losing streak, most recently last night against Missoula’s Montana, 67-56.

Seahawks: The Jets are in Seattle unless they fly Southwest. Hawks need to win. The rest of the season depends on it. … Seattle is dealing with more injuries.

Sailors: What should we do to spend M’s offseason? … Like a trifle? Then it will be fun for you.

Kraken: Yes, Seattle is on the decline.


• We have a conspiracy Clint Eastwood’s next movie. An angry old man went around the city on New Year’s Day, and on the fourth day, he took revenge on all the people who scared his grandson’s dog to death. He wreaks havoc when the rocket’s red flash appears, and his grandson raises funds for the Humane Society with a Tik-Tok video of the massacre. See you later…


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