8 Weirdest Gadgets at CES 2023 You Have to See to Believe

Hiding in plain sight at CES between a Samsung Prototype Tablet Which And Slides LG’s new wireless OLED TVs And Gaming Concept Controller from Dell There’s a whole crop of jaw-dropping, quirky or just plain weird devices. This is usually one of the most enjoyable features of a running show. New slim laptop And Super fast chips.

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We’ll be rounding up the particularly weird and sometimes disturbing tech products we see this week. If you’re curious, here’s our ongoing list. Must-see gadgets of CES 2023.

Wings’ toilet sensor can read your urine.

Phone screen showing Winging app with toilet sensor

Wings toilet sensor.


We thought that pee target was as good as it got. Going several steps deeper with Withings Sensor in the toilet Which looks a bit like urinal cake and calculates whether you’re nutrient deficient, for example, or if you’re about to ovulate. Called the U-Scan, the sensor attaches to your toilet bowl and analyzes your urine every day. A companion app gives health readings over time.

This camouflage car is color coordinated with the music.

Volkswagen ID 7 Prototype

A camo-wearing VW?


Sure, we like what we saw inside Volkswagen ID 7 Concept Car On display this week at CES. But it’s what VW put out that caught our eye: the car is dressed in QR-code-themed digital camouflage that’s divided into 22 zones that can be illuminated separately, allowing the entire exterior to be illuminated by the car’s audio. The music connected to the system has been changed to a visualizer. .

Have a party in your kitchen.

Mod up fridge and app

Play with over 190,000 color combos.


Here’s another reason why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties: LG’s new MoodUp fridge There are color-changing doors and a Bluetooth speaker to make the kitchen the center of the action. You can customize the LED backlit panels with 190,000 color combos, LG says, to match your cooking mood.

Print your hair color.

In past years, you’ve seen how you can get temporary tattoos printed, but this January at CES you can take it even further and get your hair printed with color, too. Pranker shows how.

An aromatherapy shower sprays you with aromas.

sprig shower head

Kohler’s Sprag Shower Pod System infuses both essential oils and hyaluronic acid into your shower spray.


How green is it? Among the new shower and bath products Kohler is showing this week. An aromatherapy shower system designed by the company to bring a spa scent to the shower. An aromatherapy system infuses shower water with vitamins and fragrances — all you need is a cucumber to complete your spa treatment.

Neutrogena Custom Skin Care Gummies

Neutrogena Edible Gummies

Custom skin nutrients from Neutrogena.

Bree Fowler/CNET

Neutrogena has made soaps and lotions for years, but now the skincare giant wants us to chew on it. Vitamin gummies The company says it can be tailored to your skin’s specific needs. A 28-day pack of chewable nutrients will cost $50.

Kitchen cutting board with built-in screen

Block cutting board with screen


No need to cover your MacBook keyboard or iPhone screen with sticky batter while you tap out a recipe with doughy fingers. A $699 walnut chopping board from Block shows recipes and cooking classes (with a $39 monthly subscription) on a 13-by-20-inch display. The screen comes apart for cleaning.

Live stream your dinner as it cooks.

Samsung's bespoke wall oven

Live stream your baking successes.


Okay fine. I admit it: I watch a lot of Twitch with live streams of gamers and crafters and chickens. that’s why Samsung’s Bespoke AI Wall Oven is very charming. Now I have the opportunity to live stream my baking with a camera built into the oven.

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