7 Signs You’re Ready to Be an Entrepreneur

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I recently called one of my best friends who moved to London to work for a large, multinational public company. He is talented, successful and hardworking.

However, he called me full of tears, anxiety and anger. “They’re restructuring the company; they’re cutting positions. My role is about to die.”

I suggested that he apply for the same role at other ventures, companies that could offer many benefits, from remote working to stock options. I explained that with his talent, potential and ideas, he could even become self-employed by freelancing for various clients with contracts. He can chase his version of success and happiness. And he would probably have more money and more freedom.

“You don’t get it.” He says. “I don’t want to be nobody. I want to work for the top companies in the world.”

I might not get it. But I also don’t understand why talented, hard-working individuals like him want to throw their full potential into hierarchy and politics for prestige. Why do they let their companies fill them with stress, ruin their day, restrict their career options and define their worth?

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Do not mind me; there are many great people who recognize their worth and consciously choose to foster an employee mentality. They are okay with that.

But if you’re fed up with the corporate world, feeling like it’s limiting your life options, and wondering when the time is right to leverage your skillset and make a move, now is probably the time.

Here are seven signs that you no longer have an employee mentality.

1. You love the idea of ​​working wherever and whenever you want

Flexible working hours and location independence started to become common after the pandemic in 2020. You proved to your employer that the location does not affect productivity and that the strict 9 to 5 work days can burn out instead .

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And while many companies allow work-from-home days and a flexible work schedule, you still need to report your location and total work hours.

However, with an entrepreneurial mindset, complete location and time flexibility is your dream; you know the only way to achieve that is to fully own your freedom by creating your income stream instead of relying on a paycheck.

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2. When in meetings, you daydream instead of participating.

The average employer spends at least 3 hours weekly in meetings, with 30% reporting they spend more than 5 hours weekly.

And instead of actively participating in that meeting, you think about how to avoid the next one so you can work on something instead. You know you could spend your time in a more productive way than attending company meetings, but you can’t do anything about it.

An older person has requested your presence; you should be there. So there you are, seeing how you can get away with mis-spending your hours, wasting time while time is money.

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3. You really despise titles and hierarchy.

When you have an employee mentality, you get too caught up in titles. You fool yourself with pride, show up on Linkedin, gossip about others’ abilities, and jealously spread your best wishes to colleagues who claim C-titles first.

When you’re a business owner, you laugh at job titles. You want people to work with you, not for you. You also know that a title cannot define your worth. Anyone can go on Linkedin and claim to be the CEO or an executive member of a 5-people company.

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What does this mean?

Fancy titles in corporate jobs almost always mean less freedom, less time to work on your relationships with others and less time to spend with your kids before they grow up.

C-titles while climbing the corporate ladder also mean less time to invest in your self-care planning, wellness, and personal skills and less time to enjoy life.

4. You try multiple side hustles after or before work.

With an employee mindset, you look at the clock at quarter to six and know it’s time to close your laptop and get on with your day.

And while maintaining a work-life balance is important, as a business owner, you’re constantly testing concepts and trying side hustles to build multiple streams of income whenever you can. You are not dependent on a client, idea or salary, but you are willing to try, take risks, fail and start again.

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5) You’re not afraid to build relationships from outreach.

As an employee, you dread cold pitches. You don’t like being rejected or ignored because that often happens. You’re not trying to reach out to others unless you’re selling something; in that case, you treat outreach as a transaction, not a relationship.

However, as an entrepreneur, you know that expanding your systems by connecting, advising, or simply interacting with others is one of the most important steps in building a personal or professional brand.

You don’t underestimate the power of community and networking; your goal is to create a daily connection with one or two new people in your industry. In one year, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished and the ways your network has proven to be helpful.

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6. You know that generating passive income and making money online is 100% possible.

When you have an employee mentality, you don’t care about investing or generating passive income online. Even if you care, it strikes you as too-good-to-be-true, and you haven’t bothered putting effort into creating a diversified portfolio.

Conversely, when you have entrepreneurial tendencies, you get excited about passive income ideas and turn your world upside down to generate online income.

The Creator economy is not a too-good-to-be-true scenario or a get-rick-quickly scheme. It’s an available fact that there are no barriers to entry, and as a business owner, you love that challenge. You know that spending x amount of time creating the smallest passive income stream can yield 10x results in the near future.

They know that they must find what they want to create and do it every day.

7) You continuously enrich your knowledge and skills to increase value.

You trade your skills and experience for paid work hours as an employee. However, as an entrepreneur, you offer your skillset, idea or business as a service that solves problems and provides value.

You don’t charge by the word, hour, or month. Charge according to the benefits and utility of your solutions. You answer questions and deliver results. And because your expertise is directly related to the value and results you provide, you work every day towards improving and enriching it.

Final thoughts

Maybe you’re not 100% ready to escape the rat race. However, if any of the signs above are correct, you know it’s time to start owning your career and following a path that you can fully control.


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