23 Holistic Health Habits For 2023

Happy 2023! New year new me. And new you? January 1 is the best day of the year to build better habits because motivation is high. I think so too. Here is a rundown of the 23 best holistic health habits for body, mind, and spirit that will never go out of style.


1. Drink 10 glasses of water per day (filtered if possible). Add fresh lemon juice. To alkalize your body and reduce inflammation. Hydration is key to your overall well-being and the well-functioning of your body.

2. Remind yourself to take a few deep breaths throughout the day. Fill your lungs with air. Try some breathing exercises. It’s a great way to calm your nervous system and release stress instantly.

3. Prioritize and stick to a healthy breakfast/morning routine. Your morning ritual sets the tone for the day (energy). Add superfood supplements. Like collagen powder in your coffee to maintain healthy and revitalized skin.

4. Eat seasonal vegetables and fruits from your region. They contain healthier food than imported off-season products.

5. If you plan to indulge in guilty pleasures like chocolate, eat something healthy first and plan desserts for dessert.

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6. Expose yourself to sunlight first thing in the morning (without sunglasses) to wake up all the cells in your body.

7. Move every day. Stretch, walk, exercise, run or dance. Moving a little every day is much healthier than relying on just one or two full training sessions per week. Daily stretching is key to a flexible body and mind.

8. Rest Your body needs at least 3 small breaks a day to restore and maintain energy levels.

9. Get 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Do not look at the screen 1-2 hours before going to sleep.

10. Wear blue-blocking glasses when viewing screens. Your eyesight, energy and brain will thank you.

11. Get regular health checkups and optimize your vitamin intake twice a year.

12. Whenever possible, try to establish a routine for going to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Your body clock adapts to this routine and you’ll see better performance and health-related results.

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13. Organize your mind, write something in the form of to-do lists, goal lists, create vision boards and wish lists. Work towards them. Everyday. Once it is out of your mind and written down, it will be easier to structure, follow and remember.

14. Know (or learn) to prioritize your goals and set the right boundaries so you don’t waste your energy unnecessarily.

15. Reduce the stress of your life by planning ahead, rather than keeping everything in the air until the last minute.

16. Meditate every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes to get started. No matter how you do it and what type of meditation you choose. Start and continue. The overall benefits are huge.

17. Take regular breaks not only from your work, but also from social media and news reading. You will be surprised how much more mental energy you will have.


18. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who you can trust, who you can trust and who make you feel good. And: give the same in return. Be the kind of person you want to surround yourself with.

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19. Be best friends with your feelings. Especially with the difficult ones. Daily. It distracts your mind and has positive effects on your mental health. Read books about mental health. Go to therapy or get coaching to work on topics that are most relevant to you.

20. Connect with nature. There is nothing more grounding and nurturing in nature than being near running waters or in the woods. Walking barefoot on grass or touching trees with an extra special exercise for instant grounding and calming down.

21. Give it back. Support people who can’t do anything for you. Be kind.

22. Be grateful. Science shows that gratitude for even the smallest things reduces anxiety and has a very positive effect on our mental health.

23. Remember to play, have fun, be creative and don’t take yourself too seriously. Your health depends not only on performance, but also on enjoyment and comfort.

Happy Healthy 2023!


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