105 Group Chat Names That Will Make You the Hero of the Thread

Names in group chats carry more weight than you think. After all, we all have them: family group chats, BFF group chats, the semi-stagnant group chat with the crew you met on a trip five years ago. Chances are, a group chat has brought a smile to your face at least once in the past two years. If anything, they’re the perfect way to keep in touch with long-distance friends.

But first let’s cover the basics: How the hell do you get the winner of your list of good group chat names in real chat? It’s not difficult and will only take you a few seconds. Hey, updating the group chat name is really the perfect move to revive that thread that no one has engaged with a bit. If you’re on an iPhone, open the chat and click the participant icons at the top of the screen. From here, there will be an option to “change name and photo” of the group. If you’re using an Android phone, open the chat and click “Group Details”. Click on the name of the existing group chat to edit it. If you want to add another layer of personality to your chats, consider adding a photo. (It’s a great opportunity to revisit that ridiculous close-up photo of your brother making a funny face at age four.)

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And while it’s simple in theory, coming up with the best group chat names is no easy task. With the ability to constantly update them, after a while it can feel like homework. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 100 group chat name ideas that range from family and school names to more creative options for your closest friends. Get ready to become the friend known for coming up with cool group chat names.

Funny group chat names

  • Employees of the month
  • It’s Monday again
  • Memers and Schemers
  • The Donut call list
  • Left in Read
  • We Excel
  • Where is my stapler?
  • We need a vacation
  • The Meeting Room
  • Water cooler talk
  • Silence is not golden here
  • Area 51
  • Bad Ideas
  • No turning back
  • Dad’s bodies
  • The Romys to my Michelle
  • It smells like team spirit
  • Bathroom texts
  • Clothes repeaters
  • Bank of memes
  • The Real Housewives of ______
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Family group chat names

  • Members only
  • The Circle
  • when is dinner
  • We are already there
  • Same genes
  • full
  • No parents allowed
  • Family Meeting
  • We have the same allergies
  • Parental control password
  • family quarrel
  • Are you sure we are related?
  • Hans Brolo
  • Fam Jam
  • Don’t tell mom
  • Modern Family
  • Close Kinship
  • Caught With Me
  • Inherited traits
  • Friends of DNA
  • Family ties

Smart group chat names

  • Game of telephones
  • People I see too often
  • Team Meme
  • Group chat
  • Friends Without Benefits
  • Toyotathon
  • I have a bad idea
  • Group 404 not found
  • Little rascals
  • Non-stop notifications
  • Endless nonsense
  • Writing…
  • Message undeliverable
  • Nuclear codes
  • Netflix passwords
  • Inheritances
  • Is anyone at home?
  • Walkie Talkies
  • Check your DMs
  • Pen pals
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School friendly group chat names

  • We got degrees
  • Meld Mind
  • The Brain Cells
  • Running on empty
  • A+ for effort
  • Saved by the bell
  • Pencil No. 2
  • Circle of winners
  • Peas in a pod
  • We better get an A on this
  • We are Honor List
  • Grammar enthusiasts
  • Beautiful minds
  • Secret Society
  • High school reunion
  • School Spirit
  • Quad Goals
  • Cal-u-later Dudes
  • The Limit Does Not Exist
  • The Breakfast Club
  • A class act

BFF group chat names

  • The Royal Dramatic Club
  • Friends of Gouda
  • Spice Girls
  • Chamber of Secrets
  • Girls, women and non-binary friends
  • My imaginary friends
  • Ride or Die
  • I love you all, but…
  • always together
  • In Our Element
  • Golden Girls
  • Not fast, just furious
  • Birds of a feather
  • real talk
  • My cup of tea
  • I wish we were OOO
  • Jennies on the block
  • Power Rangers
  • Gossip Girls
  • Charlie’s Angels


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